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Hey guys. I brought this topic up a couple of days ago, but am hoping to get additional response. I will be going to my rheumatologist this week to try to convince her to write a note stating I can return to work as a nurse in the hospital setting. In December, she convinced me I should never work with acutely ill people due to being on Cellcept and should "tell human resources I need an administrative job". I need to stay with the hospital I am working for as I have already earned education benefits. I guess at the time, I just accepted her opinion as the norm for immunosuppressed people. Now I am finding she is indeed overreacting. Barefut gave the example of working with daycare kids. Anyone else with any experience??? Thanks.

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I'm on methotrexate and plaquenil, and a times prednisone. I work in a busy medical ICU where almost all the patients are infected with C-diff, MRSA, or VRE. There is lots of respitory junk all over too. I was very afraid that once I started these meds I would get sick often. Knock on wood so far so good. I wear a mask if someone is coughing all over me. I just make sure I wash my hands well. I know cellcept is much stronger than the drugs I'm on. I just wanted you to know my experience. I also know another nurse I work with that has bad RA and is on some heavy duty meds. She told me she has never had a problem getting sick. I work full time 36 hours a week. I'm also surprised with all the open skin cracks on my hands I haven't gotten something in any of them. I wear gloves for everything, and just wash. Good luck with your appointment. Please let us know what your rheumatologist says. I hope you get to return to your job.


Take care,



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