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Had Surgery on neck

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Hi everyone,


I thought I'd try to update you since I actually had the surgery done last Wednesday!


It took about 4 hours and they had some problems because one of the discs had collapsed so much they couldn't get the titanium cage in so they put a piece of calcium to help it to fuse. I'm having some swallowing difficulties so hoping that this will settle once the swelling goes down; if it doesn't I may have to go back in & they will have to remove one of the plates & put a different one in due to the fact that one of the screws is slightly proud. I feel quite weak but I can move my head a little & some of the tingling etc. has gone already which is good. I am restricted with how I move etc. for the next 6 - 8 weeks but will take about 3 months for it to be fully fused.


Well I need to go because can't sit for too long at the computer.



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Hi Buttons


So nice to hear from you! I'm sure glad you made it through that...you must be so happy knowing the surgery part is behind you.


I hope your swallowing difficulties go away with the swelling quickly. No doubt, that's creating a little havoc for you there.


Make sure you get lots of rest and don't over-do anything....we want you to have a speedy recovery!


Season's Greetings (just in case it's a few weeks before we hear back from you)!!


Take care, we'll await your next update when able...but don't rush that for us either!! We're happy to know you are home and recovering.

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Hi Buttons


I'm so glad to hear that you've had your surgery and that it does sound as though it's going to be successful. It's obviously early days at the moment but hopefully the swelling will go down and they won't need to do any further operations.


Get well very soon and keep us posted with frequent updates! :flowers:

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What a trooper you are.

I certainly did not have anything anywhere near as extensive as you had but even then I found I had some trouble swallowing for about a month or so just due to the swelling at sugical site. It seems that any pressure in that area has a big effect. Hopefully you will also find it getting better as the trauma of the surgery resolves. That is a great sign that you have less tingling even though it's early days yet.

You will be in my thoughts. (((hugs)))

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Hi Buttons,


Some people will do anything just to be able to stay inside and away from the cold and snow! :lol:


Seriously, I'm glad the surgery is now (hopefully) a thing of the past and you can look forward to getting steadily better. I hope everyone is treating you like a princess and you are being spoiled rotten!


Warmest wishes,

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