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Newly Diagnosed and Scared

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Thank you all!


I can't even begin to describe how comforting it has been to read all of your kind words.


Thank you for the spoon theory link. I emailed it to a lot of my friends who just don't understand what this is all like.


Some people were asking how my therapist got me to sign up for this. I have to say, when I was diagnosed, I kinda went off the deep end, and I starting going to therapy to help me handle it all. My therapist has gone above and beyond to find resources for me outside of clinical therapy sessions to help me. She did all this research for me and handed me packets of into on this site, the condition, treatments like biofeedback, local support groups etc. She has really done so much to help me come to terms with what has happened to me, and what I'm going through.


Again, thank you all for starting my new year off on the positive note that I really needed.


~ J

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Welcome- you showed up at the right place. If I have a "weirdness" show up, I can ask the question here. If someone else has dealt with it, they will usually provide sane and useful feed back- if not, someone will usually give me a nudge back to the correct side of rationality. I have never had a question be ignored.

I'm one of the people who have had a significant reduction in my symptoms from medication, so please know that there are many things to help out there.


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