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translucent veiny skin

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Hi Amanda,


Well, I didn't want to bore everyone with the story, but you did ask me to tell it!! (You've been warned!!) ;) :lol:


I've always had varicose veins and had an absolutely huge one on my leg which was so ugly. I happened to be speaking to an aquaintance who mentioned that she'd been to a private clinic where they inject foam into the vein and this apparently pushes the excess blood out of the vein which then goes down and looks normal. Her legs looked fantastic after this treatment so after a bit of deliberation and with visions of my ending up with legs like Betty Grable I had the procedure done (how dumb can you get? :rolleyes:) The doctor was quite confident that it would work, even though she did comment on the fact that the varicose vein in my left leg was big, but undeterred she injected the foam in both legs and then instructed me to walk quite lot over the next few days to help with the circulation and off I toddled feeling very pleased with myself......Ha!! Within two days my left thigh swelled, became very hot and red on the inside (I could have fried an egg on it!) and so I went back to the clinic whereby they performed an ultra sound on my leg and groin and found I'd developed a DVT!! I had to stop exercising in case I caused bits of the clot to break away and move around to somewhere more vital and also take heparin and warfarin for six months. To say I was absolutely livid was putting it mildly!!! It was no comfort that it was really due to my own vanity and of course at that stage I was unaware that I had the positive IgG antibody so had 'sticky blood'. The most bizarre thing was that when I confronted the doctor who'd performed the procedure and basically screamed abuse at her for about 5 solid minutes she advised me to have the procedure done again!.. saying that she felt sure I would be satisfied with the outcome?!!! Satisfied......I'd developed a blood clot, for goodness sake!!! :blink: :angry: I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, have hysterics or a combination of all three!!!


Suffice to say that was my first and only foray into the world of cosmetic surgery; I'm only thankful that it didn't turn out worse. In future I shall simply wear trousers and put up with my wrinkles and other signs of the passing years; the words 'mutton' and 'lamb' come to mind!!! ;) :D

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I have a vein road map mainly across my chest and I have been diagnosed with Livedo Reticularis. My journey with scleroderma started when I was in my early teens and I am now into my fifties. I can be light hearted and say my vein map its like a motorway system which has nothing on me but people’s comments who don’t understand can be very difficult even at my age.


How does your daughter cope with everything?


Night Owl

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