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Methotrexate Recall

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I was told by my new Rheumatologist that the injectable form of Methotrexate was recalled a few months ago, and that as far as he knows it is still unavailable.


Can anybody confirm this or refute this? I'm a little perplexed as to why they wouldn't start production again months after the fact!

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Hi Shelley, thanks for the FDA link! It doesn't say anything about whether it not it is back in production... I was going to try and call the manufacturer to find out, but they are located in Europe and I'm in the US (and overseas phone calls are expensive!)

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Hi Mopsy,


I'm not able to find any information on its availability online. I'd suggest that you call your pharmacist and ask if/when it will be available. They only recalled certain lot numbers, and they are not listed as being a current drug shortage with the FDA, so it might be available now in some (or all) areas.


My advice for calling pharmacists is to inquire during their likeliest least busy times. If they are a 24-hour pharmacy, and you have insomnia, about 2AM is a wonderful time as you'll have their complete attention! My pharmacist adores calls after 10pm but not at all during lunch time or late afternoon, early evening. We've talked about it on here before about considering pharmacists as part of our medical team. A great pharmacist is absolutely priceless when coping with chronic illness and multiple prescriptions...if we remember to take the time to ask them all our questions.


Will you please let us know what you find out, Mopsy?

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