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Shelley Ensz

Server and Forum Upgrades this Week

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We are undertaking server and software upgrades this week. Due to unexpected issues, yesterday this caused a 12-hour forums outage, and all posts and new memberships approved since 7AM Tuesday morning were, unfortunately, lost.


Tomorrow (Thursday), sometime after 9AM, we are going to attempt a forums software upgrade. This will likely take the forums offline for another few hours and it may mean another loss of some messages or new members that were just approved.


You can help this process by looking through recent posts to see if your messages are still there. If not, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would re-submit them! Just be sure to copy the resubmissions on your own hard drive in case they are also wiped out by tomorrow's upgrade.


If you are a new member from the last day or so, you may find that your membership has, sadly, been deleted. Please re-register because we do truly want you and we are eager to get to know you!


Generally speaking, we can all anticipate that there will be about 2 major upgrades of the forum or server each year, which will normally produce an outage of up to 12 hours (our site is huge and takes a very long time to upload from scratch) for either the forums alone or the forums and the main site as well. When that happens, you will see an error message that says there is either a "Driver Error" or a "Database Error".


Usually our management is aware of this, because we are doing the upgrade. But it could be that we are unaware of a new issue, in which case please feel free to call our hotline at 1-800-564-7099 and let us know that you are receiving an error message. We'll be happy to let you know whether this is news to us, or about how long we expect the site to be down.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continually improve our software functionality and security, to keep this a wonderful haven for scleroderma support!

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Thanks for your patience today, everyone. Our upgrade is mostly completed and the forums are largely back to normal, but of course improved somehow because of our upgrades.


We have one remaining issue that needs more database work, which is the "Last Post Info" which you'll see is not working at the moment. This will probably require another offline session to fix, so there might still be some interrupted access yet this afternoon or evening.


We think it's safe for you/us to start posting messages again -- at long last! I have really missed all my forum friends these past few days, as I'm sure you have, too.


Welcome back to our New Improved (Nearly) Sclero Forums!!!

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