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New Medicine for Raynaud's - and Health Insurance Covered It!

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Hello, all! I haven't written in awhile.


I have been having a really hard time this winter with my limited sclero because of my Raynaud's. I recently went to a specialist (a sclero clinic at Johns Hopkins) and they started me on 20 mg of Revatio (a PDE 5 inhibitor, like Viagra). It actually is seeming to help take the edge off of the attacks. I am just waiting to see if it will help my ulcerations heal.


Just thought I would share the information in case anyone else is suffering this winter with Raynaud's.



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Hi Sara,


That's really good news that you've found a med to improve your Raynaud's. It's very satisfying to find something that does work and improves the quality of your life. We've got a couple of useful links HERE and HERE about Raynaud's and Revatio which I hope you'll find interesting.


Thanks for letting us know :thank-you: and I do hope the Revatio continues to help your Raynaud's.

Jo Frowde

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Revatio is the drug sildenifil, exactly the same as Viagra. Ravatio is given in smaller doses.


I take it for pulmonary hypertension, But I've also noticed less trouble with Raynauds. A member of our support group has been helped with serious skin problems arising from diffuse scleroderma.


Nitroglycerin cream and calcium channel blockers have also been helpful for Raynauds.


Good luck,



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