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Can anyone answer these questions please?

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Hi san,


I might just invest in a couple of pairs of the toe socks as my feet are always like ice and so painful have tried many different types of socks but never the toe socks. :thank-you-2:


Take care love and hugs queenie :emoticon-hug:

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Hi queenie,


I get my toe socks on line; they have a really good selection of all kinds, lots of the pretty designer ones but also some good old black or white ones! So you can get them for every occasion. Please send me a PM and I'll let you have the details of the company from whom I buy them. I even wear mine with sandals, I know I am weird but my feet get sooo cold even in the summer and I don't always want to wear trainers or closed toe shoes, so I still get my feet and toes out :emoticons-line-dance:


But look online they are usually a bit cheaper there.




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Hi ladies


I just LOVE my toe socks.. and they really are soo much warmer than regular socks.. you can get them most places - I've even found some in local pound shops.. just need to check the leg length on some as they can be quite short.


If you fancy a go at 'extra wacky' there is a website that does them in 3s rather than pairs.. they advertise them as a 'pair and a spare' but in fact they are 3 different coloured socks.. the ones I have from them are a red/white stripe, blue/white stripe and orange/white stripe - the toe bits incorporate all 3 colours.. soo much fun and quite a talking point when I go shoe shopping... keeps everyone smiling :D


Hope you find some that you like.

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