Splitting heels and Pressure sores

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A couple weeks ago, I asked my primary doctor to check my feet - one was mildly tender at the outside of my heel, but with my hip issues which limit my mobility, I couldn't get a good look. I was horrified to hear I had a half inch long and very deep split, which was dry but the surrounding area was red and inflamed, and I had several more minor splits on both heels. He gave me a topical antibiotic to use, which has cleared up the redness, but the splits have not healed (no pun intended!!). The pads of my heels are very hard and have not softened, even with 3-4x a day lotion applications. This winter especially my feet are always cold, but I didn't realize how numb they must be, as I can't feel any discomfort from these splits at all now, and over the last few days I am developing a red, depressed area at the back of one heel, higher, where the skin is soft - I think it is a pressure sore developing. The skin is intact, but feels a bit squishy when I press it.


Rheumy is already aware of the Raynaud's and cold feet. I am on an ARB (medicine for high blood pressure) which he said helps to relax my blood vessels and should also help the Raynaud's. I always wear heavy socks, even to bed, and sometimes padded slippers at well during the day, to keep my feet warm. I don't take baths anymore, too difficult to get in and out of, so I take only quick showers.


I'm now having my teen daughter, bless her heart she takes great care of me!, check my feet daily, and she gives my feet a good massage with lotion several times a day. I did a dumb thing yesterday though -- have a portable heater which I placed at my feet, felt wonderful but I fell asleep and woke with a mild burn on the top of my feet and lower legs. :emoticon-bang-head:


Any suggestions on how to take care of my feet so these areas heal up? My next rheumatologist appt isn't til the end of the month, I'd like to be able to tell him what I've tried already if they still haven't cleared up by then.


Thanks! Keep warm and well!



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Hi Red,


Poor you; those splits and pressure sores sound very sore and painful.....I'm so sorry.


I know exactly what you're describing as coincidentally, my husband (who doesn't have Sclero) has suffered with cracked heels such as you describe. His problem was caused by wearing rubber boots in the recent snow and we softened the splits by putting udder cream on them. Thankfully he didn't develop pressure sores though.


I realise it's difficult to keep the pressure off the sores on your heel; we have a thread HERE where Amanda has described the problems she's had with her pressure ulcers and she did receive quite a few good suggestions which you might find helpful. ( I shouldn't try Jeannie's idea, though!! :lol: :lol: )


I do hope you're be able to get some relief from the discomfort and also that your burnt feet and legs heal quickly, too!

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

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