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Seminars in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania

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Hi Australian friends,


Scleroderma Victoria are holding a Seminar at the Monash Medical Centre on Saturday the 30th April.


The programme for the day has yet to be decided but at this stage we have a prominent Rheumatologist who specialises in Scleroderma, a gastroenterogolist, respiratory specialist and several members speaking of their experiences.


Sydney are planning a Seminar in March and Tasmania will be having a similar event in November.


Our Scleroderma Australia website will have all the relevant information shortly. Time to spread the word.


It would be good to actually meet up as well.




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Hi Summer and Colin,


This is a great way of letting you know what is happening in Australia. As seminars are approaching I will post for you.


The Seminar at Monash should be a good one. The speakers are all great and it is a great way of meeting up with others. Sometimes it can be very daunting going to your first support group gathering or seminar. Meeting others with scleroderma for the first time your fears can get the better of you. I know when I went to my first one I was really frightened that my daughter and I would see people much worse than her. Of course this was not the case. Yes there were people there with all different problems, but it was so heartening to meet with others and listen to the wonderful doctors who are so dedicated to helping.


Hope we will see you there.


Kind regards

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Yep, it is doctor S.


She is being joined by a gastro, Dr. D, and a lung respiratory specialist, Dr. M. C. and then there will be three speakers who have scleroderma, a short yoga exercise, and a couple more. Should be very worth while. Hope to see you there :emoticons-group-hug:

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