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Which forum should I post in?

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Did you know that you can post in any forum? Yes, indeedy! You don't have to live in the UK or Australia to post in those, but if you do, you can still post in any of the other forums! One of the advantages to the country-specific forums is that news about support group meetings, newsletters, disability regulations, doctor recommendations, and so on can be more easily found if they are posted in the appropriate country forum. On the other hand, if it is a general scleroderma question and you want to reach the widest audience, then you might want to post in the Main Forum. You are welcome 'wherever'!


Warm wishes,

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And, I might add that all members, from any country, can post a message to any forum. This particularly means that reading the country-specific subforums can be a great idea -- no matter where you live -- since you might find the opportunity to give a warm hug, welcome new members, and even provide some helpful insight for another member.


Equally, Australian and U.K. (for example) members may freely post in any other forum, with questions or support for others. You are not limited to your own country's forum in any way! However you will find it definitely most beneficial, as Jeannie mentioned, to post queries about country-specific items (such as disability law, support group meetings, etc.) in the proper country forum. This also helps you to make new e-friends that you may even have a chance to meet in person some day!


Occasionally our moderators will move your post to a more appropriate forum, so if you can't decide where to put it, just plain post it anywhere you want and we'll move (or copy) it to a different forum, if need be. You just relax and post away.


Just please remember that your posts are welcome in all subforums, not just the Main one or your particular country one.


We are all in this together!


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