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My Throat and the rest of my body

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Well for a while it feels like something is stuck in my throat. I have massage it and massage it and still nothing. If I move my head a certain way I can feel it, and it hurts. I have been having a hard time with reflux as well and I need to see the doctor for that. I am taking over the counter Prilosec and it's not helping. I need a script for my Nexium and make sure this time I go get it.


My body has been really stiff for the past few days. Don't know if its weather related or not. We are having nice weather for the past few days. Talking about being in the 40's this week as well and some rain. Don't need that it will be a big mess outside with the snow we do have.


I have been busy trying to figure out Medicare and part D. It is so confusing at times. any insights on this will be good to know too. Thanks


Gonna get going , my wrists are sore.



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Hi Sam,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing so many unpleasant symptoms. It does sound as if your throat problems and reflux are connected so when you next go to see your doctor hopefully he'll be able to give you your prescription and advise you.


I really sympathise with your stiff joints; it's so miserable, isn't it and I agree that it could be related to the weather. I'm afraid our damp, cold climate in the UK doesn't help my aches and pains either. We don't have the snow that you're getting, but we certainly get the rain! :(


Sorry I can't advise you on Medicare; we have a similar National Health Service in the UK but obviously I'm not familiar with the form you mention.


I do hope your doctor's visit goes well and he/she can suggest something to help alleviate your symptoms.

Jo Frowde

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Sam,


Congratulations on the thaw! I have a friend who lives in Cleveland and it's been a miserable winter for her too. She says, and I've found it to be so, that a prolonged cold spell, change in the weather, or big temperature swings will really make her ache and be stiff and sore. We had record cold earlier this week (below zero F), today it is supposed to be 66F and my back, knees, and hands are all stiff and aching. I figure it's a combination of the arthritis and old age. :)


Now about your throat. I have the same symptoms and they've pinned it down to a combination of general stiffening and dysmotility of the esophagus and problems with the upper esophageal sphincter not closing completely anymore. Annoying~ I hope you will get your Nexium - it's really important to try and keep the reflux under control. Have you tried all the other things like sleeping with your head and shoulders raised? Modifying your diet? Here's the link to the Reflux Page, maybe there are some tricks you haven't tried yet.


I hope you get to feeling better soon and can enjoy the better weather.


Warm wishes,

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

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International Scleroderma Network

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