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Y'Know I haven't been back 5 mins and I'm already causing problems! How do I post a blog? I guess I've been away so long I need re-training in the old brain box area.

I've got so much to share with you that writers cramp will be the bain of my life. I'm bursting with excitement on being back with REAL people and not the heady world of talking to myself which I have perfected to an art. My life is spent in front of a microphone going crosseyed at the studio clock and pretending that every rap, rock, spoiled, outrageous pop artist is the next best thing to sliced bread! My cheery attitude as the red light illuminates and suddenly I'm in a world far from hospital beds, feeding tubes, blue fingers, dead toes and plastic features. I always said I had a face for radio and then the little tinkers installed a Web Cam!

I have a stalker, a loyal fan and a following amongst all the 50 year old wannabees that listen to my show each weekday morning and yes, those mornings are hard to contemplate for someone who throws up religiously several times before 8am.


Anyway back to the job in hamd. Can I please unlock the door to the blog bit so I can share my fanciful life with people who know me better than "This is 102.8 Chorley FM with me Babs"


Corr! I don't know?

Love N hugs an all that!


Babs,... err! Barbs !

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:emoticons-line-dance: I've missed the blogs of Barbara and Barefut! :emoticons-line-dance:


Welcome back!



ISN Artist

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