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advice for Disability!

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I am applying for disability, and getting my rheumatologist to fill out the necessary paperwork in a couple of weeks. Apparently I will also need to have an interview with Centrelink about all the issues that I am having.


Does anyone have any advice for me, and also what to expect?


Thanking you all in advance,


Summer :thank-you:

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Hi Summer


I don't know where you are in the world but I will tell you what helped me enormously here in Canada. When I first went off sick, I worked at a tire plant for almost 20 years as a tire builder. I had 1 yr short term, and 2 years long term disability. When they said that I couldn't go back to work when that ran out, I applied for a disability through the company as well as a government disability. I was told that only 3 people had gotten the company one in the 20 years that the plant has been here and that the government would definitely turn me down so be prepared to reapply.


Well, when I got the forms from both, I was overwhelmed by them. There were pages and pages and they wanted dates, specifics, etc. etc. It had been 3 years since I first went off and I just couldn't imagine how I could come up with all the information that they wanted. My rheumatologist filled out his part and I went through and filled out as best I could "my" part. But when I first got sick, I had no idea for a year what was wrong with me and on my computer I kept a log. Every time I went to the doctor, I came home and put the date, the doctor, what the appointment was for and what the doctor told me, what drugs they gave me etc. Every test, I did the same thing and just added my own comments like "this test was barbaric, and I **** that I'll never have to go through it again", what the technician said etc etc. So I printed that log out, It was about 20 pages. Every question on the disability form that I came to that they wanted details or something I wasn't sure about I wrote "see attached papers".


Then I wrote a cover letter and I said, "I am overwhelmed by these questions, when I first got sick, I started a log and kept entries with every appointment, every doctor and every test that I went through, every drug that I tried etc. I hope that this is acceptable, should you need to talk to me about any of this, please feel free to call me anytime"


Well, I fully expected to be turned down, but I got no phone call from anyone and I got both pensions first time around, no questions asked. I was so thankful that I kept that log. Between my doctor's report and the log, I know that is what put it through. I feel so fortunate as I know what others have had to go through. I hope your experience turns out to be as good as mine was. We have enough on our plates without the stress of going through this as well. :spoon: Lisa

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I would so encourage everyone to do this, if not on your computer then in a journal, you can always photocopy. Don't leave out anything. Write down your thoughts about your visits as well as the important things like advice etc. On one of my swallow tests, the technician, told me a few things that he thought and I put that in. And when you get home from whatever you went to, get a tea, get relaxed and if you can, do it then, while everything is still fresh in your mind. There were times when I didn't feel like doing it, but I'd just say to myself....10 minutes and it's done. I used Microsoft Publisher and just kept adding pages to it as I went a long. I can't even imagine filling out those papers without it. It's the only "good" thing that came out of this. :emoticons-group-hug: Cheers - Lisa

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Lisa has described exactly the same as what I did to apply for my Ill Health Retirement and Incapacity Benefit here in the UK. I found that with having so many medical appointments it was the only way to recall what they were for and who with along with the outcome.


I also kept a kind of diary each day to say how things were affecting me, eg. the fatigue, pain and hand issues.


Hope you are successful, Summer.



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Hello I am new here but I advise anybody in the United States dealing with SSI Disability due to Scleroderma and or other long term illnesses to try Allsup . They are not lawyers but they have a 98% success rate for their clients. I applied on my own and started crying when I saw all the paperwork. I honestly think they send all this stuff out to discourage the disabled from continuing with the process. I called Allsup and within a week they started the ball rolling and told me not to even deal with Social Security except for the physical. They have treated me with kindness ,respect and stay on top of any thing that happens to me. I have Scleroderma,PAD,8 Bulging disc (4 in my neck) and Polycythemia and have not been able to work in almost 2 years. Unfortunately due to guilt and hearing too many people claim all people on disability are faking I waited until a month ago to apply. Luckily my illnesses are all documented by my doctors very well so I am hoping with Allsup I do not have all the grief that most have when trying to get Disability. I am wondering what the others one here experiences with SSI has been like ?

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lilyroc, welcome to ISN forum. Hopefully someone here can tell you some of their experiences. Hopefully some good experiences will come forth. Papers and paperwork can be very overwhelming.

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Hi Lilyroc,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering with so many health problems but it's good to know that you're receiving excellent advice to deal with your disability claim.


I'm in the UK so can't advise you about the SSI disability claim from my own experience, but I'm sure some of our other members may be able to help you.


Do post again and let us get to know you. :emoticons-group-hug:

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