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Thought I would ask about these since they were yet another weird thing going on with my body, so I was wondering if it's related to the Sjogren's/possible CREST or not.


All of a sudden about 3 days ago, I noticed bumps on the backs of both my hands. The one on the left is bigger, but there is definitely one on the right, and while the one on the left is ever-so-slightly tender(but only if I move it around with my fingers), the one on the right doesn't seem to have any discomfort. Actually, I just tried pressing them from the side just now, and there's more tenderness from that angle for both of them, like the feeling of a bruise.


If it came on more slowly (or perhaps I just didn't notice it earlier), or was on only one hand, I'd think it was an injury, or possibly a ganglion cyst (I looked a bit online to see what it could be). But it did seem odd that there would be something on both hands that seemed to crop up overnight.


I don't think either of them have gotten bigger or smaller since I first noticed them.


Anybody have anything like that? Or maybe they are just ganglion cysts that for some strange reason have shown up on both hands at the same time.


Thanks in advance for any info.

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Hi Amberjolie,


Reading your query reminded me that I developed similar lumps on the backs of both my hands about the same time as I had carpal tunnel syndrome and I remember wondering at the time if it was related. :emoticon-dont-know: I think it was a coincidence and I now realise that they were ganglion cysts and they have now almost completely disappeared. I'm trying to remember how long it took them to develop; I think, like you have said, that they appeared quite quickly and as you've described, were a little tender to touch.


With hindsight, it's easy to assume that they had something to do with having Sclero, but I know how easy it is to attribute everything to this bizarre disease! ;)


Certainly it might be worth a visit to your doctor to see if he can advise you.

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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