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Don't Lose Hope or "There is life After Scleroderma"

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:happy-dance: Hi everyone. :happy-dance:


I titled this my favorite quote from Amanda Thorpe. It helped me through some very rough times. Keep it in mind when the going gets tough, I hope this bit of news will encourage everyone:


Seven years ago when diagnosed with scleroderma my skin score was a 45 on a scale of 0-50. A couple of years ago it went to 28. After my kidney transplant it went to 11...then it went to 8 and now (drumroll) it is





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Hi Miocean,


What wonderful news!! :emoticon-congratulations:


I'm so pleased for you and hope that you continue to improve at the same amazing rate!! :emoticons-line-dance:

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Erika and others,


Thank you all. As far as my hands go, unfortunately they have worsened. Even though I have had YEARS of occupational therapy my fingers curl and I have difficulty holding things. Without the therapy I am sure they would be claws. On top of all of that my carpal/metacarpal joint (the one that connects the thumb to the hand) has deteriorated. I have to wear a neoprene splint now, am in a lot of pain, and will be consulting with a hand surgeon. I have permission from my scleroderma specialist and nephrologist to do this. It will mean, most likely, a cortisone shot or two to begin with and surgery down the road. It is one that requires a long recovery and I am not looking forward to it. I will go and have a baseline done and proceed from there. Has anyone else had this surgery?


Right now I am under doctor orders to rest. I have been trying to do too much. Due to a conflict between my pharmacy and my doctor I have been without my anti-anxiety medication for a couple of days and it is really showing. I hate to admit I am dependent on it but after 40 years of use I am. You really don't want to be around me now. :temper-tantrum:



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I am THRILLED with your numbers, miocean! How wonderful that is!


Oh miocean! I hope that you are able to get your anti-anxiety medication SOON, as it's not good to be without it :nervous:

(I just got mine and Mom's refilled on Wednesday of this week, but was also feeling the effects of "the dropped ball" effect of the pharmacy :wacko:)

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