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Lung nodules found on X-Ray and CT Scan - Update

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I previously posted saying that my chest x-ray and CT Scan showed that I had lung nodules. In addition, my PF test came back abnormal. Since that posting, I had 2 blood tests for Valley Fever - one to see if I had it and one to see if I still have it. The test to see if I ever had it came back positive and the other came back negative.


I saw the pulmonologist today. He re-read the x-rays and blood tests that I had taken. After a thorough exam, he said it was probably Valley Fever that caused the nodules. I was very sick with flu like symptoms back in October, but the Urgent Care center that I went to said it was a viral infection and there was nothing that could be done except wait it out. The doctor today suggested that I probably had Valley Fever in October and should now go on a drug called Diflucan daily, 1x per day - for an unknown length of time. He did mention that the drug is also used for women who have a Yeast infection. He also said with a low immunity system, it's possible the Valley Fever will appear again. I will now always test positive for the Valley Fever anti-body.


BTW - I live in Arizona where it's common to get Valley Fever.


The doctor also told me that the PF test showed that I have an obstruction. He gave me a sample of Advair to try. If it works, I'll need to get that prescription too.


Two more medications to add to the mix :blink:.


Just wanted to bring you guys up-to-date.



JBG :temper-tantrum:

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Thanks for updating us about the lung nodules found on your chest x-ray and CT scan.


Dear me, living in the UK, I'd never heard of Valley Fever and I'm very sorry to hear that you've contracted it. I do hope the drug that the doctor has prescribed will help you and that you don't get a recurrance.


Do let us know if the medication you are going to be taking for your obstruction improves it, won't you?

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Nice to hear from you again. It's great that the doctor could determine a cause of the lung nodules - uncertainty is never any fun. He sounds like he was definitely on the ball to have you tested. I'm like Jo, I'd never heard of Valley Fever (thanks for the link, Jo!) before. It doesn't sound like a great thing to have. :( I guess your motto from now on is going to be "Keep taking the pills!"


I hope you make a good recovery!

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I have never heard of Valley Fever, I live in Australia, and have had Q fever over the last few years. I had a blood test which tested positive for that, but never had any symptoms.


I have just looked on the internet to see what Valley fever is, it sounds like the Australian version of Q Fever. I had the health department call me when I tested positive for it a few years ago, asked me whether I had been around livestock and goats. At that time, we were living in an rural area with a lot of acreage, and I do know that goats were living on the land at the time.


Strangely enough the doctor that tested me, mentioned that I was the fifth Scleroderma patient to test positive for Q Fever.


Take care


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Well, I never knew it was called Valley Fever :blink: but when I visited Las Vegas after having my kidney transplant I had to wear a mask there because there are certain parts of the U.S. where you can pick up bacteria from the soil and it's a very long word that begins with a "c" so I guess that is it. People with weakened immune systems are very susceptible to it. I have to be very careful around soil, in general, because of the bacteria, and am not allowed to garden. That is fine with me because as much as I love the look of flowers I do not like planting them so my husband does that.


I have Interstitial Lung Disease and my lungs have shown a spot on them for years that none of my doctors seem worried about. :emoticon-dont-know: I see my pulmonologist soon and will have all my scans and reports with me so I will question it.


It's odd about how we can test positive/negative for certain things. I am positive for Epstein-Barr Virus, yet never had mono or anything other than a flu. I found out after my transplant that I am positive for CMV Virus but so was my donor so the likelihood of getting it active again decreases for me, especially now that I am a year out. In September my Pap showed active HPV Virus but this month it did not. It sure sounds like I have Herpes but I have never had genital warts or even a fever blister on my lips that I can remember. I did have Chicken Pox. It sounds like the majority of people have these diseases without even knowing it.


I guess we should all live in glass boxes and wear masks and gloves when we go out. :blush:



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Sometimes you have antibodies in your blood of the diseases which you did not have but you have been in contact with. For example I have antibodies of hepatitis B, which my father had 20 years ago, but I did not. It is like natural vaccine. The body builds it's defence itself. Therefore it is not always good to live isolated under a glass cover.


Now with my autoimmunity at hyperactive level, I very seldom get any infection, but if I do I always get well much sooner than my family and colleagues. My body fights too good against everything. It fights even against harmless substances like pollen, food, my own thyroid functions. Therefore I have allergy, hyperthyroism, colagenosys...


I would like to trade my own strong defence against viruses for a normal organism getting good old flu each winter. :emoticon-dont-know:



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