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IVIG Procedure and Diagnosis Codes

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My insurance company covers my IVIg treatments. I don't know the code, but originally they used my diagnosis of polymyositis. Now I think they use mixed connective tissue disease since it is helping both my poly and scleroderma. Hope this helps.

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Hi Mopsy,


The only experience I've had with getting diagnostic codes was finding the ones that got my insurance company to pay for specialised field of vision tests for macular degeneration. I found them with a web search, gave them to the billing people in the ophthalmologist's office and hey presto, the insurance company stumped up the money. I'd think knowing the diagnostic and procedure codes would possibly be helpful in getting a pre-approval via a doctor's office, but I think you would have to go via the doctor, not directly to the insurance company.


Good luck and best wishes,

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