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I was hoping some of you ladies may have gone through this and could give your thoughts on it. Over the past couple of years, I have had some symptoms such as night sweats, blushing/heating of my face, extra irritability, a few difficult-to-sleep nights (which is very odd for me, although I realize it can be due to Sjogren's, which I have), and menstruation issues. I had a couple months where I started my period a week before it should have come, and then it lasted two weeks. Then last month, I had an incredibly light period (just a couple of days of what I would refer to as "spotting), which again is super weird for me, as I have ALWAYS had at least 7 day periods. Now this cycle, I have yet to see anything show up.


So I started reading up on early menopause, which I guess for someone at 35 like me, is actually considered premature ovarian failure, which is slightly different, and it said that people with autoimmune diseases can get this.


But here's the kicker - I'm on birth control pills. From what I've read on the internet, those are supposed to mask any sort of symptoms or menstrual changes that come with POF or menopause. Yet I'm still getting menstrual changes and some of the symptoms that come with it. My doctor originally thought the longer periods were maybe due to the type of pill I was on and he prescribed another type, which is what I'm on now, but that didn't stop the facial blushing, and since I allow the week of placebo pills, the types of hormones in the pill SHOULD send my body into a period during that week, should they not? In all the time I've been on birth control pills (in the past, and now), I've never had a cycle where I didn't bleed.


Anybody have any similar experiences? I have a physical with my doctor next week, so I'll ask about this to see what she thinks. A friend of mine said her doctor told her that even on the pill, if a woman goes into menopause, she could still stop bleeding all of a sudden. But the online info seems to suggest otherwise.


I would be totally fine with it, as I have finished my family, but I was just curious.

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Hi Amberjolie,


It's correct that autoimmune diseases can cause premature menopause. I've included a link to Autoimmunity and Early menopause and also another link to Early Menopause which I hope will give you some more information.


I was 56 and had already been through the menopause and out the other side by the time I was diagnosed with Sclero, so didn't suffer with early menopause or Premature Ovarian Failure. I had also been on the birth control pill since about the year dot and in the latter years the progesterone only pill and in my case it throughly masked any menopausal symptoms. I simply stopped taking the pill, had a couple of periods and that was that!! :high-five: I do realise that I've been extremely lucky and some other people do seem to have suffered throughout the menopause much more than I did.


When you have your examination with your doctor next week, I would certainly explain your symptoms to her and ask her opinion.

Jo Frowde

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amberjolie, when I went through early menopause my doctors kept saying it must be something else. So, I even had a D&C to "fix" things so to speak. That didn't work. For the next couple years I would have one period a year. By forty I hadn't had any symptoms of cycles for 3 years so the doctor finally said I guess you have gone through menopause. Now you are post menopausal. So, it happens with many of us with other autoimmune problems. Be happy emoticon-congratulations.gif.

Strength and Warmth,



Sheryl Doom

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Hi, I am dealing with the same exact thing. I am 40 and for the last year I have been all over the place. First it was every 2 weeks and then I started skipping months which I have never done. I was always every 28 days with about a 5-6 day cycle. after skipping I would only get it for 2 days and then it would disappear and it was extremely light. I also thought it was because of everything else going on with my body. I have an appointment with my primary and she can run blood tests to see if this is the case. Glad you brought this up, I wanted to but was embarrassed. However if is early menopause then I will do the dance. :emoticons-line-dance:

Best wishes, Christine

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Hello Amberjoile


How interesting as I wonder if I am heading towards early menopause, I'm 43 soon. Next time I have a blood test I am going to ask for it to include a check on hormone levels because they can indicate where you are in relation to the menopause.


I ain't had no babies and ain't having no babies so the sooner it's all over with the better! :emoticons-line-dance:


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Well I am hoping this is true and I can look forward to at least one benefit to having Sclero! hehehe Here's hoping that I am a statistic this time and early menopause is around the corner.


That definetly deserves a happy dance!




OW to fast must do slower hehe





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I am 53 so I should be in the menopause :emoticons-line-dance:


Joking apart ive been messing about for the last 3yrs,just about the time I was diagnosed with limited sclero. My periods were coming every 19days lasting a full 7days, very tiring and inconvenient to say the least, then all of a sudden this last year to 18mths I've had one every 3-4mths but each time getting shorter in length and loss,the last about 3mths ago was no more than hopefully I'm coming to the end of things!. :happy-dance:


Because of all the other things I've had to deal with these last 3yrs I don't think I would of noticed menopause symptoms if they had hit me haha, much more important stuff to deal with :high-five:


As the rest of the girls said ask your doctor about it when you see her,it's possible that the disease is sending you into menopause but a blood test or two should tell you if this is so. :terrific:


Hugs and warmth


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