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My 4 were all rescue cats, I worked at a mental health place and they would get cats and the cats would get pregnant and I would help them out by taking the kittens and finding them homes. One invariably ended up having to stay in my home hehe


I got Dinky, Dizzy, Gertie and Dude, well they have longer names than that, its Stinky Dinky, Dizzy Gillespie, Gertus Trudus Pestus (the roman cat!) and Newbie Dude :VeryHappy: Dinky is a tortous shell, Dizzy is all white with a few dark spots that got rubbed off in the wash, her tail is coloured, Gertie is my all black cat, and Dude is a VERY fat Ginger.


They are my kids and keep me company throughout the day, and drive me nuts on many occasions! I would like to get another one, but am resisting the urge lol.


The cats on my avatar are the closest to what each looks like.



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Mine have all been spayed and neutered, wouldn't want to add to the already high population of animals out there. Although Dude still thinks he is a stud muffin. :VeryHappy: But he doesn't spray and that is definitelya plus!


I am in the process of getting new furniture as they have redecorated all the old stuff, and not in a good way! Going to put aluminum foil on the arms for awhile when no one is coming to visit so they will hopefully use the scratching posts that they have instead.


We thought about getting a dog awhile ago, I was always a dog person. But we just didn't have the time back then to properly take care of one. And now I don't think I could live through potty training and a puppy! Hehe.



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