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menu ideas for those with celiac

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I read that it's common for those with scleroderma to also have celiac disease. Since I was diagnosed with celiac first back in 8/10, I have been experimenting to find some favorite dishes. I thought this might an interesting thread for us to discuss our favorite dishes and/or tips for gluten-free eating.


My breakfast is usually a fruit smoothie and a muffin. Simply putting frozen fruit such as bananas, peaches, pineapple, and/or mango into a blender with (rice) milk has been great. My muffin flour is a mixture of sorghum, millet, potato and tapioca starches. I always make them 'healthy' by using pureed bananas, squash, beets, blueberries, pumpkin, etc. Easy to take out of the freezer and a quick snack on the go.


What are your favorite tips and/or meals?



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Hi Chopper,


Your breakfast sounds rather yummy!! :)


I've put in a link here for Diets and Scleroderma and also Gluten sensitivity and Coeliac Disease


Thankfully I don't suffer with coeliac disease; however, I try not to include foods that have gluten in, like bread, pastry, biscuits and cakes to try and keep my weight under control.


My absolute favourite meal is salmon (or most types of fish) and salad, or jacket potatoes and salad.


Unfortunately I have got a bit of a sweet tooth though! ;) :(

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As far as I know I do not have Celiac, but I am on a new diet plan. Although I lost over 4 stone (67lbs) on my own, I have come to a stand still. I know it is because I was eating the wrong things, but I think the motivation was gone. I have started with a well known diet plan and am attending meetings, which are helping my motivation and I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks.


A sweet tooth is not my downfall, I love all things with gluten lol So like Jo I have had to cut those out of my diet pretty much now. I do love to have salmon and potatoes, which is one of my favorite meals. Although it isn't anything to do with Celiac, I would say my most favorite food to eat is green beans. I really think I could live on them lol

I cook them with a tiny bit of butter, some bacon (which is allowed on my diet), onions, mushrooms, garlic, a bit of season salt and then put a tiny amount of red chili flakes in them. I could eat that by the bucket full! :emoticons-line-dance:



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