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A bit of vindication!

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Well I was having a chat with my connective tissue nurse yesterday, and got some news that made me very happy. I was asking about my referral to Podiatry, because I have such terrible pain in my feet these days and it is very difficult to get around at all anymore. She told me that I have calcification in my feet, so there should be no problem with getting a referral to Podiatry. :emoticons-yes:


Well you would thing that this news would be upsetting, just one more thing to chalk up to the Scleroderma, but no I was happy to get it! At my last visit to the doctors I was told that all my pains and cramps in my feet and all over my body, were not caused by the Scleroderma, although they had no idea what was causing it, maybe it was due to my weight or age.


Now they have proof that, in the case of my feet, that it is due to the Scleroderma! So I am hoping that they will finally start treating my pains and other issues, instead of looking for excuses to not do anything. So doing a bit of the happy dance, although in my case I have to do the slow version!





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Hi Jean,


Good news indeed!! :terrific: At least you're keeping all your eggs in one basket, so to speak ;) and hopefully the Podiatry doctor will be able to help you with your foot discomfort and make you feel better.


I think this must be one of the weirdest features of Sclero that we're actually pleased in some cases to get a positive diagnosis! :lol:


I'm doing a fast Happy Sclero Dance for you....... :emoticons-line-dance:

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Hello Jean


Yep we live in a bizarre world where being told there is something wrong is a good thing! :emoticon-congratulations:


Let me assure you that scleroderma can cause extremely painful feet, my foot pain is and has been so bad that it's the first reason I use a wheelchair when I go out.


Take care and keep posting.

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Hi Jean


I have always found Podiatrists are wonderful people and they have helped me to walk. I see one every 6 weeks and have done for years as I have lost the padding from the bottom of my feet and get the things you do not always want to talk about - corns and calluses. Wearing shoes is a problem at times but I can’t imagine life without podiatry anymore.


I hope you will feel a benefit from painful feet soon.



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Hi Jean


Thats good news that at last they are taking your painful feet seriously at long last :terrific:


Your post has actually spurred me on, when I see my rheumatologist on the 23rd I am going to ask for a referal to a podiatrist, as I too am finding that I feel like I'm walking on hard bricks and my memory foam slippers are the only footwear that give me comfort when I am weary.


I still work 2days per week and any help, like you would be a relief :rolleyes:


Hoping that you get some help with your feet and keep us posted what they prescribe for you ok




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