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Hey Everyone:


I noticed there aren't many pictures yet in the gallery of everyone. Well not compared to the old site. It's so nice to see a person's face next to their post, it makes it so much more personal I think.


Just wanted to encourage everyone to put your picture in the gallery and also in your Avatar (the one that will show up in your post) so we can see your sweet faces!


Much love,


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I'm finally picturized. Up close and personal. Good to meet and see whom we are writting to and sharing our thoughts and information with. I think, I finally like the new forum. I was ripping my hair out. Ready to throw my computer out. Then, I realized I wouldn't have any way of communicating with all of you anymore. So, I calmed down and am slowly figuring out some of the forums options. Are the message topic turning from blue to purple after we read them or, are some just purple and some blue each day? Boy, I guess I ask tooooo many questions. Thanks for being patient with me. Sheryl

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Hi Sheryl,


I am so glad that you have hung in there and gotten some of this forum figured out. It is great to see that you have gotten your picture to show up as your avatar (I think I am going to have to get a my husband to take a picture of me so I can post one also).


I am not 100% sure what you are asking when you asked whether the post changed color after you read it. When I am on the main page where all the different topics are listed, there is a little orange box next to the topic title that lets me know there are posts in that topic that I have not yet read. Also the "last post by" link under the last action column changes from blue to purple after I click it and read the last post in that topic.


I hope that helps!


Warm wishes,


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I'll get around to posting a pic of myself someday....


But for now, I can answer Sheryl's question. Yes, once you have read a post, it does turn to blue. But if it is a topic you are interested in, you should always go back in and make sure there are no new messages you may have missed. :)




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Guest Sherrill

Can I just say something here about the posts changing color.......... I think it can depend on the settings in your browser too. For some time I had my browser set to show links in blue, and when I had read them they would change to purple. Recently I changed that again, as I found the purple was too close to the blue color, so I changed the setting to show read links in red, that way I can't mistake them!


Heidi, thanks for the explanation too about the little orange box before posts one has read, but which have since accumulated another message/s!

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Erin and Sheryl, it is so great to see your faces, and what beautiful faces they are!!!


It took me a bit to get used to this forum as well, but the more I use it the more I love it.


Hoping you all have a great day!!


Love Sweet

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