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A pair of crutches please

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I am in a lot of pain at the moment; it’s been coming on for a while. When I get out of bed in the morning I am finding it hard to put my heel to the ground, the skin around my ankle feels as if it’s going to split and my foot is swollen by the end of the day.


I have a very small ulcer on the outer part of my foot just under the ankle that’s not infected. The general practitioner thought it was just the ulcer causing the problem; I am not so sure. I have had a lot of infection in that foot before so I was sent for an x ray to see if the bone was infected but fortunately not.


All he could recommend was a pain killer, they are not helping much. I think I need to go back again but I am going to see the podiatrist next week, perhaps he will have some ideas.


Oh for a pair of crutches so I don’t have to put my foot to the ground.



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Hi Gil,


Sorry to hear about the pain you're having in your heel; it sounds awful and it must be very difficult to bear any weight on it which must make walking an impossibility. :(


Thankfully, I haven't suffered with ulcers on my feet, but I know Amanda has, so I'm sure she will be able to empathise with you and possibly may be able to suggest something to help you get around a little more easily.


I've found a link for treatment of pressure ulcers which I hope might help you a little.


Even though you've got an appointment with the podiatrist next week, I think I would try to see your doctor again if only to see if he could let you have a crutch to use whilst the ulcer is so inflamed and painful.


I do hope that it heals quickly and that you feel better soon.

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Hello Gil


You so have my sympathy! Tuesday when the District Nurse dressed my ulcers I had one on each foot, Friday when I took the dressings off for them to be redressed I had 4! Two on each foot!


Today I had the meeting for the Essex local group of the Scleroderma Society and met for the first time a lady who has had scleroderma for about 30 years. All that time she has had leg and foot ulcers and burst into tears just talking about the pain she has had with them and the amount of skin grafts she has had to have over the years. It's only in the last year or so that her ulcers have not been a problem.


Getting crutches is easy, your general practitioner just needs to write a note, hand written is fine, to say what you need and why and, take it to the occupational therapy department of your local hospital and pick up a pair of crutches. Alternatively you can buy them online from a well known auction site or buy them from a mobility shop, they're not expensive.


I have had a collection of them over the years unfortunately none of the suitable because of my hands, I can't even use a cane because of my sclerodactyly hands.


Take care.

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Hi gil I feel so bad for you...OUCH!


Though I'm relieved to read that the bone in your foot isn't infected, DO you feel there may be infection elsewhere in your foot, or would the x-ray have been absolute (letting you know there is no infection)? The reason I ask is that when there IS infection (as you well know), pain pills may well NOT be of any benefit.


IF you are unable to get answers prior your appointment with the podiatrist, might you be able to soak your foot in Epsom Salts to see if it might be of any benefit?


Please know that :emoticons-i-care: and will keep my fingers crossed you get relief very soon.

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Hi Gil,


I'm pleased to hear that your ankle and foot are feeling better and the infection has subsided. It must have been so painful. :(


Here's hoping that it continues to improve! :yes:

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Hi Gil,

I hope today finds your pain has lessened. I just want to remind you and everyone else who suffer from ulcers about Medihoney or Manuka Honey. I recently got ulcers from sitting on a bed pan and was told to use it by my nail tech who is also into natural/organic things. I bought Manuka Honey at a local health food store, applied it, and by the time I saw my dermatologist they were GONE! The kind I bought you can also eat. I did not know this until I looked it up but it comes in different strengths, the one I bought is +5, it really should be used at higher strengths for theraputic use.


I know a man with diabetes who has used Medihoney to rid himself of an ulcer on his foot. His came in a sheet which he would cut, apply and then cover with a bandage. It is just about GONE!


The product does not come cheaply but it does work.


Thank you bees in New Zealand. :thank-you:



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Hello Everybody,


On behalf of all the busy buzzy bees feasting on Manuka (ti tree or leptospermum) in the North Island of New Zealand, thanks for the acknowledgement, miocean.


It certainly is good stuff and it can be used internally as well. It's too expensive to spread on your toast for breakfast but good for soothing a sore throat or cough, just take a 1/2 teaspoonful to suck or sip it in a lemon and honey drink. Take care not to use too much though. Although it is a food item, it contains natural antibiotics and too much could be harmful.


The gentleman who developed the product and started the company which produces and markets it was 100 years old on 18th August last year so he has to be a good advertisement for his product.


Warm hugs and best wishes from a wet and wintery NZ,



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