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No more moaning

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You will all be very pleased to hear that I will not be complaining about the consultant at my local hospital any longer - hurray I hear you cry.


We have had a major falling out and he has 'removed' me from his list.


I will now be looked after totally by the Bath Hospital where I know people talk sense! Shared treatment sounded a good idea but I think Bath thought my local consultant was looking after me and my local consultant ... well I guess he just didn't think at all!!


This is it in a nutshell:


Phone consultant as concerned about condition - make an appointment - sit in waiting room for 3 hours - seen by a registrar who says you need treatment - treatment has to be approved by consultant who says 'she doesn't need it' ... I phone and ask why- consultant says make an appointment - sit in waiting room for 3 hours - get seen by a different registrar who says you need treatment - but treatment not forthcoming - phone consultant - make an appointment .... are you getting the picture.


I won't go into great detail about the rudest hospital secretary I have ever come across who told me that I should be grateful to get seen by anyone if I have to go through the NHS - oh and yes we are a drain on resources (although not sure who 'we' are!)!


I am free from all this lunacy - I am feeling so much better just by removing all this stress. I am looking forward to my third 'introduction to scleroderma workshop' at Bath in July - more people talking sense - can't wait!


My main concern at the moment is that I am sporting a rather amazing olive coloured tan (all over bar my knees down to my feet which are pure white). I am constantly being asked where I went away on my holiday - have not been anywhere and am wrapped up with long sleeves and gloves outdoors - especially since this breeze started several weeks ago.


Has anyone else changed colour? Two colleagues have just told me they have never seem me looking so healthy - what tanning lotion am I using!


Advice on this new change would be much appreciated.


Warm wishes to all - yours consultant free.....



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Hi Jane,


Goodness me, you have had a raw deal from the NHS; I'm so sorry. Was that the same consultant with the delightful bedside manner, who said you were "lucky" to only have Limited Scleroderma? :rolleyes: It does sound as if you will be better off being dealt with by Bath Hospital; hopefully you won't need to go through the same wearing "Groundhog Day" procedure that you've described!


I've included a link to Hyperpigmentation which sounds as if it could be the skin problem you're having and I hope you'll find it helpful and informative. Thankfully, I've not suffered with this myself, so can't advise you from my own experience; however I do recall that we've had some of our members that have had this problem and hopefully they'll be able to give you more information.


I'm glad that the stress you've been suffering due to your thoughtless consultant has been removed and hopefully now you'll be able to get the help and advice you deserve. Do let us know how your July 'introduction to Scleroderma workshop' goes.

Jo Frowde

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hello Jane


It's tragic that on top of illness we have to deal with less than competent doctors. I would encourage you to make a formal complaint about your treatment, or lack of, and the secretary, from experience I can tell you that hospitals take complaints seriously. Contact their PALS department.


I have a friend who also looks like she has been tango-d :lol:, it's they hyperpigmentation as Jo has already said.


Enjoy your scleroderma workshop in July!


Take care and keep posting.

Amanda Thorpe

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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