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Matilde Acosta

Why me? Why did this happen to me?

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At the time I have Scleroderma and managing the Venezuela support group, I have dealt with many people asking, Why me? Why did this happen to me? It really is a bit hard to give an accurate answer that completely satisfies the person who stays with this uncertainty, I never did to me, it must be because I had a total ignorance of the disease, but over time I have not actually think people that one way or another, have a pain, so we are strengthened, they often do not understand where we get so hard to bear.


Why me? Why me? is because we are very spiritual strength, which is always above any physical condition, it is because in hard times we come closer spiritually and filled with faith and hope to overcome the difficulties, because it marks a new stage in our lives, without frivolity or vanity and enter a world that makes us understand that we are above all such banality, which we do not need to be happy.


Either way our friend the scleroderma has come into our lives, it will mark a new path, a new stage that we must seize to make positive changes that will help us grow and better manage our emotions, to see the world and people From another perspective, more humane, more sensitive, highlighting the good and discarding the bad, because in our new world, no room for selfishness, competition, envy, we are above all that and when we realize all that, we will be happier.


Why me? Why did this happen to me? It's because we are special because we were chosen, because we have strength to face what has put us on the road, and if so, we must put ourselves in our rightful place, not understated by anything or anyone, and from that where we are, who we need help, support and sharing, and have enough humility to ask when we need, I'm sure you read these lines, to identify with everything I say.


Why me? Why did this happen to me? Because you and I can, because you and I know what is inside of us and we must let those beautiful emotions we feel for the birth of a new being filled with love and tolerance ... and now that I know, you feel better?




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Hello Matilde


My saying has always been that there is still good life to be had after scleroderma, it's just that it looks nothing like you thought it would, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Sclerodermians seem particularly adept at overcoming and making the best of a bad situation which is why I always say the best people have scleroderma!


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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The best answer I ever heard to the "why me" question:


"You play the hand you're dealt"


Besides, what difference does it make? It is what it is, so now how do we deal with it...? What else can you do?



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That was a great article about facing adversity that was just posted in the Sclero News Forum.


I think it is a positive attitude that carries one through this journey. I tried not to be a moaner and groaner and make life miserable for those around me. I try to make my husband aware of my aches and pains without dwelling on them. It is important as my caregiver that he be aware of things but he doesn't have to be miserable. It's hard enough as it is.



ISN Artist

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