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Hey Everyone!!


I sure hope all is well with everyone! My computer had a "worm" or some such thing :o and I haven't been able to get online for a couple of weeks! So I finally get back on and everything has changed! Is this site going to take the place of the old one, or will there still be both of them up and running? I'm so confused! I've got a lot of catching up to do.


Happy Birthday to anyone who had one, and Welcome to all Newbies!


Warm and Happy at ya's (I hope this comes thru) xo Vee

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Hi Vee,


It is good to see you here! I am glad you have your computer bugs worked out. Yes, things have changed quite a bit. The idea is for us to gradually transition from MSN to the forum due to a lot of the technical difficulties we have been having with MSN (lots of members can not even access the MSN board). In addition, we have more control with this board and it is fully integrated with the Sclero A to Z website, which is a wonderful new feature.


I hope you will take some time to read and explore! We are sure glad to have you here.


Warm wishes,


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Hi Vee. Heidi just got there before me! I think once you start using this site, it will become second nature like the old one.

Anyway it's great to have you back. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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Thanks Heidi and Steve,


I already have been "surfing" around this board. Since they have not put a name to my pain, I've been trying to see if I can determine what it is by myself. I'm not clear on the difference between fibromyalgia and the myositis'! They sound very similar. But it might also be RA! Who knows! I just went to the general practitioner's office and had him take me off of the motrin and pain medication, and put me on Cymbalta. I wanted to have the Cymbalta in my system at least 2 weeks before I see my rheumatologist, whom I believe is going to want me to start methotrexate, and I don't want to go there!! Not yet anyway. Hmmmm........lets see!! I got my way about the O2, do you think my luck will hold out on the Methotrexate? :P


Anyway, thanks for the quick reply!


Warm and Happy to ya's Ahhhhhhhhh it's good to be home!


(hey, did my heart go?)xoVee

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Hi Vee!

Glad you are back! Hopefully you will get an answer soon to your pain. How are your lungs holding out? I go back in late November to get the results of my latest CAT Scan and I'll PFT just before I go to the dr. Then if my liver is on the mend I will be able to start something... Imuran or cellcept maybe. Who knows at this point I just want my liver to be better.


Good to have you back and I am sure you will love this board once you get used to it.




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