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Remodulin side effects

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Hi everybody. I have been on the Remodulin therapy for a month now.


The dosage is increased every 3 days. I'm having lots of side effects: headache, extreme restless legs, sore muscles, etc. I am wondering how much of this is the medicine or if it has stirred up the fibromyalgia really bad. Anybody else on this treatment? If so, do you mind telling me about your side effects?


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Hi Linda,


Oh, I am sorry that you're suffering some unpleasant symptoms, especially as you had been feeling a little better in your last post.


Bearing in mind that I have no medical training or actual experience of Remodulin I can't really advise you but I've found a link here regarding Remodulin dosage adjustments and I wonder whether perhaps adjusting the amount of the dosage might alleviate some of the effects you're experiencing whilst still continuing to make an improvement.


Hopefully, some of our other members may be able to help you with some first hand experience.

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