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Scleroderma and the Eyes

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Hi Everyone,


I have a question about scleroderma and the eyes. Since my diagnosis I have developed huge dark circles under my eyes. Also, I have noticed that my eyes feel very tired and occasionally blurry vision. No matter how much sleep I get, the circles never improve. I am wondering if anyone else has developed the same thing? And if so what it is and why this is happening to me? Any answers would be helpful and I thank you all for your input. :emoticon-dont-know: :emoticon-dont-know:

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Hi Myla,


Welcome to Sclero Forums! I'm glad you found us and hope we hear more from you.


As it happens, there are many causes for dark rings around the eyes, and fortunately, scleroderma is not one of them. This means that if you are able to find the cause, you have a good chance of getting rid of them -- which would be a real blessing as I'm sure you have many other things to deal with.


On the Mayo Clinic site, they have an article about Dark Circles Under Eyes: Causes. Even rubbing your eyes can cause dark circles, and sometimes we tend to rub our eyes more when they feel dry or irritable. Scleroderma or related issues such as Sjogren's syndrome can cause very dry eyes. Most often, dark circles are caused by allergies. So it would be worthwhile to see your primary care doctor about it. They can tell you whether your eyes are so dry that they would need further investigation, and they can also screen you for other causes of raccoon eyes.


I noticed on the Mayo site, they didn't even mention "lack of sleep" as a possible cause of circles under the eyes, however I think that is likely the first thought for most of us. Ask your primary care doctor about this, and let us know what you find out, will you?


Here are some warm, welcoming hugs for you.



Warm Hugs,


Shelley Ensz

Founder and President

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

Hotline and Donations: 1-800-564-7099


The most important thing in the world to know about scleroderma is sclero.org.

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Hi Myla,


Welcome to these friendly and informative forums!


Sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with Scleroderma; were you diagnosed recently? If you've only just joined the Sclero Club then perhaps it may be the worry of the disease which is partially causing the dark circles under your eyes.


You haven't mentioned whether you're being seen by a Scleroderma specialist. This is very important as many rheumatologists do not have the expertise to deal with such a complex disease as Scleroderma.


However, now you've found our forums and joined our community, you'll find that you are now surrounded by understanding friends who will be able to support and advise you. Do keep posting and let us get to know you. :emoticons-group-hug:

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

SD World Webmaster

ISN Sclero Forums Manager

ISN News Manager

ISN Hotline Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hello Myla


Welcome to the forums! I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was about 12 but have only had scleroderma since the age of 39 so don't think the two are connected in my case! All I can say is thank goodness for concealer which has improved immeasurably over the years.


I was diagnosed 4 years ago with diffuse scleroderma and it's been quite an adventure, admittedly I have screamed "stop the ride I wanna get off!" more than once but still... Have you been diagnosed long and what type do you have?


Take care and keep posting.

Amanda Thorpe

ISN Sclero Forums Senior Support Specialist

ISN Video Presentations Manager

ISN Blogger

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Assistant Manager

(Retired) ISN Email Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Myla, I am just popping in to add my welcome too.


As for the dark circles, I've had mine for ages and I've noticed that they have gotten worse every time I've tried to cover them with makeup. Naturally I thought it was a problem with the makeup and it turns out it was - I was rubbing too hard to blend it in and then really scrubbing to get it off!


I hope to see you around the Forums,

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Manager

(Retired) ISN Blog Manager

(Retired) ISN Assistant News Guide

(Retired) ISN Artist

International Scleroderma Network

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