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What are your hobbies when you're feeling good?

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I have CREST and Lupus and I'm fatigued most of the time. Before 1998, I had so many hobbies that I can't do anymore. I used to bowl, do embroidery, long distance cycling, plus much more. On days I'm feeling well enough to stay up, I feel lost because I no longer have the hobbies that I loved. It's also difficult to type because my left hand is very tight and my right hand fingers are curled.


I'm looking for suggestions for hobbies so I could get out of this rut. :emoticon-dont-know:


Thanks so much.



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I'm sorry to read that you've not been able to continue with the hobbies/activities you had been able to enjoy before :( .


I find it interesting that you posted this thread, because I have been thinking that I would really like to start a hobby of some sort that I would enjoy.


During the summer, I dearly love working out in the yard...always have ;)! As a fulltime caregiver for my mother, it is an excellent therapy for me (always has been) :)


Like you, I also enjoyed bowling. I bowled on the college team and continued until I was no longer able. (I have bone resorption, which has resulted in shortening of my fingers. Therefore, I am no longer able to hold onto a bowling ball, nor have I any strength in my fingers.


One thing I like is miniature golf and I'd like to try playing that... again.


I also used to embroider and with the clubbing of my fingers, am no longer able to do that either.


I admire the fact that you had the endurance and stamina to long distance cycle! You must have been very fit!


I used to play softball, racquetball and co-ed volleyball. At least I'm really glad I was able to participate in those sports at one time!


I really believe that due to our having been as fit as we were, has helped us, actually, JBG.


I also used to sew, draw and paint, although I've not done any of those for quite some time, I've thought it wouldbe nice to give it a try again, maybe :rolleyes:


Hopefully, you are able to find a hobby you really enjoy, as it really is good for us to have that special time...doing something nice for ourselves can really lift our spirits :)

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We had a great topic on this a while back called "If you had to start a new hobby this month, what would it be?" There could be something in there that might appeal to you, there are loads of ideas.


As for bowling, how about 2-handing a light ball? I won't say I'm good, but I can still bowl that way. It helps having an excuse for being pretty bad in the first place, if you know what I mean! :blush:


One of our members started walking on a treadmill in order to lose the weight she needs in order to be considered for a lung transplant. She said in Chat one time that when she started, it was all she could do to last a minute. Now she's really up there time and speed-wise. What about trying out an exercise cycle? Some of the recumbent ones are easier and more comfortable to use than the uprights. So you could only do a minute at a time this week, but what about next week? Tiny steps~


Warm hugs,

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Thanks so much for your replies.


Susie - I have the same obstacles as you, e.g. re-absorption of my finger tips. I also played softball on school teams and outside of school. I used to have so much endurance. I'm now so out of shape. I've had a rough year and half, i.e. my dad passed away, my husband had surgery, as well as I had foot surgery, and I haven't worked out for all this time. I've lost quite a bit of weight and all my muscle tone. It's quite depressing knowing what I did before I got sick.


Jeannie - Thanks for the tip and link. I have to check out the thread you mentioned.




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Hi! What a great topic! I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a hobby! I think I can relate, I love hobbies, and I have varied ones over the years, even rubber stamping. My latest hobby is perennials. I can't get enough. I think of it as rescuing them! My last hobby was photography. What a wonderful hobby that was, and still occasionally is! You know what, any hobby can become something that you can give and share with others. Something I learned about myself was with each hobby I tried, it was more fun when shared with others. Before photography I got into making archival giclee prints. I love sharing that with others. Since photography went along with giclees, people started asking me to do photography for them. How rewarding that is! I joined Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (infant bereavement photography), but to this day have only received one call, which is good. Now that I'm moving into perennnials, again, what a great thing to share. Keep the seeds from those that make them, start them during winter, and give the baby plants away in the spring. How exciting! Share your bulbs when they multiply. Share your roots when then spread. My suggestion is, whatever hobby you choose, share it. I think it's built into us that sharing is rewarding and brings true joy, which we all need, especially those of us with challenges. Have fun!

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Hi Chopper!


I REALLY liked your great ideas!


It really IS true about sharing, whereas sharing spurns friendships and friendships translate into fun and FUN translates into MORE fun! :yes:


You get the gist, I'm sure.


JBG, my deepest sympathy over the your dad's passing. If your relationship with yours was as mine was with my dad, you have wonderful memories, yet miss him greatly.


Enduring foot surgery yourself and then your husband's surgery also, has kept you quite occupied :o .

My hope is that each of you is on the rebound and that the healing process is nearly (if not) over.


I understand your feeling as you do, but please know, there is a rainbow on the horizon.

I suspect that once you can get through this "Uncle Wiggly", things will begin to improve. Having been out of your workout regime, it's understandable you are feeling a bit depressed. Do what you are able to do, by way of adapting and take one day at a time.


In the meantime, I am sending over an endless supply of :emoticon-hug: s to help.

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I know how you feel. Have you tried hand exercises or Occupational Therapy. It is amazing how much mine have improved and I don't do them as diligently as I could.


Many of us have lost things we love. It is a grieving process and you have certainly been through that enough.


You could always volunteer for the ISN. :emoticons-group-hug:



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