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Just wondering what music you listen to to chill out, rock out, calm down, and smile... :happy-dance:


I am a child of the 70's so here is what mine is:


Years ago when I first began experiencing anxiety issues I would listen to Leonard Cohen, blaring him in my dorm room. I love him, he is so depressive he makes you feel good. :VeryHappy


Last year I was totally into Adam Lambert. First of all, I love the "Screaming Demon", Steven Tyler (see below) and Adam has an incredible vocal range. Being an artistic soul, his presentation of himself appeals to me even though to many others he is a little on the bizarre side. :lol:


This year I am back into my love of Aerosmith. I have seen them 5 times in concert in the last decade, once so close that Steven Tyler took a harmonica out of his pants and handed it to the girl in front of me! Hard rock was not my genre in the 70's so all of their old songs seem new. I have ordered every CD I don't have. I read Steven's autobiography "Is The Noise I My Head Bothering You" and it is the first book I have been able to read in a long time. I used to be an avid reader (3 books a week) but over my sclero years have lost the ability to concentrate. Although it took me a long time to read it I am happy to say I finished a book! I am now slowly reading his biography and contrasting the two. The first quote in my signature is from "Amazing."


I enjoy classical and played it in my classroom to calm the kids, but prefer the artists of the 70's like The Classic Billy Joel and a flute one by Ian Anderson of Aqualung.I love the piano of Keith Jarrett and teh music of George Winston. My husband has a very varied taste in music so we have African, Island, Costa Rican, and Spanish. I never know what I will hear when he puts a CD in.


There is musical gene in my family but it skipped right over me :P and I have the artistic gene so I am well aware I am lacking. All of my family members are musical and so is my husband. My first husband had perfect pitch and that is truly a gift. I have tried to play the piano, guitar and sing. My piano teacher told my parents they were wasting their money :lol:.


I appreciate music and am open to new things so what is your favorite? What calms your soul and gets you going?


By the way, "I Hope You Dance!" :happy-dance:



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What a great topic!


I didn't discover music until I was in my 20's. We were living in Newport RI at the time and the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals were close enough to be enjoyed without a ticket. Those genres are still my favorites, but baroque and early music got added in when I passed the 30's line. Most recently I got hooked on 'ethnic' early music and could listen to Begonia Oliveda and Jordi Savall for days on end. I never quite managed rock, but do like world music and on really awful days will play the most jarring piece of electronica or heavy metal I can find.


So, to narrow it down. Hmmm, Old Blind Dogs because they play Scottish folk from the area we used to live. Rob Thomas, John Martyn, and Nick Drake. Bruce Hornsby and Madeleine Peyroux. And, of course, Oliveda and Savall.

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Oh yes, what a wonderful topic, Miocean!


My taste in music is very old fashioned; my absolute favourite is the 1930's Dance Bands like Al Bowlly, Ambrose and Geraldo (I know....nobody else has ever heard of them!! ;) )


I also love singers like Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Billie Holliday, the early Frank Sinatra recordings (circa 1940's) and Paul Robeson (what a beautiful voice!! :wub: ) I like music from soundtracks like "Oklahoma!", "Carousel", "West Side Story" etc (especially as I know all the words to them so can sing along!!) The 1960's was a great era too; I like listening to The Beatles and Cilla Black and a few of the other groups from that time and also some rousing classical pieces.


We haven't been to many concerts; many years ago we went to see The Strawbs? :emoticon-dont-know: and about 3-4 years ago my husband and I went to see Ken Dodd (English comedian/singer who believes in giving value for money!! ;) ) As we staggered out from the theatre bleary eyed after seven hours he was still standing on the stage calling out "Tatty bye, everyone, tatty bye!!" :lol:

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What an interesting mix, Jeannie! I know nothing of what you named :blush: !


Jo, I also like the oldie but goodies you spoke of: Bing, Judy, Billie Holliday (what a story, was it not?! She really rallied, in her rough life)!Frank Sanatra and add to the list Dean Martin, if you don't mind!


Living in what we call "Redneck Country", I love Soft Rock, much of the music of the 70s, although I love classical as well, singing along with some of my special favorites! I'm not cultured, but I do love my music too! :P

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Lots of great music listed above!!!! I, too, like Madeleine Peyroux and Leonard Cohen, some jazz (not a fan of contemporary jazz), just about any blues, 70's rock, in fact - pretty much all of the 70's music, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. Gnarls Barkley, KD Lang, and let's not forget MoTown. There are many, many others.

Great thread miocean!

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I like all sorts from Country to Hard Rock, it depends on the mood I am in and what I want to 'get' out of the music. My music of choice when I am sad is John Denver though, love that man!! My husband has converted me ever so slightly to dance music but not a complete fan yet!



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I love all types of music.


For a group, I enjoy Journey, REO Speedwagon, Styx Supertramp, Pink Floyd, a few Rolling Stones, Doors, etc. There are more, but can't come up with them.


My favorite musical is Sound of Music, Julie Andrews is awesome!


Fave male is John Denver and Neil Diamond


Fave female artist is Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.





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