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My hubby had the day off and decided he'd ride along with me when I went to the far side of Denver to pick up the little cart for my portable O2 concentrator (it didn't come back with the repaired unit). Denver sprawls - it's huge! This was about as far away from us as you can get and still be part of the Metro area and I don't know it well at all. So I fire up the trusty (well, sometimes trusty) GPS and off we set. I'm driving along trying to figure out which right the thing means "Turn right. Turn right then left. Recalculating," when this breathy voice from the shotgun seat comes:


"Turn right, Clarice."


I've gotta cure him of his Anthony Hopkins addiction.

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Hi Jeannie,


:lol: :lol: We have a GPS but I tend to have a love/hate relationship with it.


At first I thought it might end the constant arguments due to my inability to read a map correctly, but in fact I think it's even worse as my husband spends ages programming the wretched thing and then proceeds to totally ignore the route it suggests! :rolleyes:

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Jeannie, when you here the words..."and a nice Chianti"...then worry! :lol:


I went to one Royal Free appointment with my sister and we used her husband's GPS and ended up about 2 minutes from the hospital but just couldn't find it! Thankfully we have another GPS at home that me and hubby use when we go to the hospital and it's much more friendly. :)


Take care.

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