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Small Red dots under skin

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I've recently noticed a number of small red dots under the skin on my patches of skin which my linear scleroderma covers. I noticed today that more and more dots are appearing.



Does anybody know what this might be? I was thinking it is something to do with blood vessels? As it is appearing around the area I got sunburnt on a few weeks ago :(


Regards, Lou xx

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Hi Lou,


They could be telangiectasia, something very common in scleroderma. Or, another thought, they could be a 'sun reaction' since you mentioned they were in the area where you got sunburnt. If they don't go away, my guess is they are telangiectasia. Mine look more like measles than anything else. They are small, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin or mucous membranes. They're generally completely harmless.


Best wishes,

Jeannie McClelland

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International Scleroderma Network

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I looked up Telangiectasia. Is that only related to CREST scleroderma? or can somebody have it without having systemic scleroderma?


I'm not very used to all the terms used on here about Scleroderma yet so I don't know whether I should be worried or if it is normal for somebody with only skin involvement to get this.


Lou xx

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Hello Louise


Well according to Drugs.com sun exposure can cause telangiectasia.


Our own information says that Scleroderma can cause telangiectasia on the face and/or hands. Scleroderma includes both systemic and localised. What it also says is that the presence of telangiectasia on the face and/or hands counts as one of the criteria for diagnosing CREST Syndrome . In total I don't read it to say you only get telangiectasia in systemic scleroderma but that telangiectasia can form part of a CREST diagnosis. Mind you I could be wrong!


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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