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Hi Erin, great pic by the way.

Good idea, because there is more to us than our disease!

I am from the UK, so am about 5 or 6 hours ahead of you guys. Here in the UK we like our football (soccer to you!) and I am no different. So this season I decided to purchase a season ticket for my favourite team (Everton). This is the first time I've actually done this because to get to the stadium every 2 weeks, then to sit in the cold for 3 hours never seemed a good idea. But I decided to be positive, and to make the effort, and I'm glad I did. After 9 games (a season is 38 games) we have had the best start to a season for many years, and I've had some great days out. So yesterday I went to the latest game, which we won, so I am on a high today.

What have you been doing over the last few days?

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Hey Steve~

Thanks, and same to you...great pic!


I have been out on Sat. early mornings watching my daughter's Soccer games as a matter of fact. I just moved to a colder part of the country so I find myself dressing like a ski bunny in 35 degree weather. I think I am just now getting used to it as the soccer season is comming to an end.


Other than that we have been off to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins and walk through the corn maze. We each picked out 32 pound pumpkins!!! Today we carve them and roast the seeds!

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Hey Erin,

I'm a retired college instructor working out of the house as a technical writer. I also volunteer several hours a week to ISN. I live with my hubby and two cats and 5 turtles. The turtles have now gone into hypernation, so we want see them again until April. :(


Most of my day is at the computer but 3 times a week a friend brings her 2 dogs up and we go walking around the neighbor for an hour. On alternate days I try to stroll in the park that I live across from. I do about 30 minutes of yoga 3 times a week, have lunch with friends, and take fun, relaxing vacations when my hubby plans them. Usually to some place warm where we can swim or snorkel. My hubby is also self-employed and is home about half the time and on a job the other half, so we spend a lot of time together even though it's in separate rooms during the day. Every night however, we cook a wonderfully healthy meal together and talk a lot. It's great living with your best friend!


BTW - I do have my picture posted in my controls, so you can click on Janey and go there.


Big Hugs,

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Sounds like dispite the other stuff, you have a pretty good life set up for your little family there in the High Dessert.


We have a something in common...my other half also works at home(in the other room). I do graphic design work a few days a week out of the house and I really enjoy that.


Nice to meet you-

oh and BTW great pic!

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Hey Everyone -


I've been in the medical field - nurse since 1982. I went back to school several years ago, got my MS in Health Administration, ran operations for about 7 years for a very large community health center, and then a little over a year ago, I opened my own consulting firm. So now I'm self employed and I consult for various medical facilities around the nation, and love the flexibility it gives me. I am able to do a lot of the work from my home office. I try to keep it to 2 days per week. It's usually feast or famine though.


I have with my awesome husband of 19 years (second marraige), he's the manager of a Ford, Dodge, Jeep dealership. We have two grown kids (mine from previous marraige) who are 27, 28, and they each have 2 kids each, so I have grandchildren ranging in age from 10 years old to 1 month. 1 boy, 3 girls. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! Also have my little best friend, which is my pure white pomeranian "Lady Chaumbrie Victoria Turi" lol We call her Chuambrie, she's a lover.


Any yes, to the question you are asking yourself, my picture is recent - last summer. Everyone asks me about that. I started having kids young and so did my daughter.


My husband and I love to boat and ski, so that keeps us busy in the summer and winter. Although I'm a bit slower at it than before and can't go all day long like I used to. I like Janey am lucky enough to be married to my best friend, so life is very special and I feel very blessed. We are both very spiritual and that brings us even closer.


I'm a wine lover, so a couple of years ago we put in a small wine cellar and we have fun with wine tasting parties.


I LOVE to read, so you can always find me with a book, poetry is my fav, and also love to watch old classic movies.


I live in beautiful Eastern Washington, where we have desert like summers, but right now, the fall colors are amazing!! We'll get plenty of snow for the winter too.


OK, well I guess I'll shut up now, I didn't think I was going to say this much. lol


Love you all and I appreciate you all being here for each other.


Love Sweet

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Hi everybody,


Where do I start.......I just retired (very early retirement...I am 44 years young!) from being a University Professor in Clinical Psychology. Now I am busy with lots of volunteer activities: this board, our local Crisis Pregnancy Center, and in my grandchildren's classrooms at school.


I too am married to my best friend (it is the 2nd marriage for both of us). We just celebrated our 10th anniversary this past summer. I have 3 grown step-children (28, 27, and 25) and each of them have a child. So, I have 3 grandchildren...a grandson who turns 8 this Thursday and is in 2nd grade, a granddaughter who is 6 (will turn 7 on December 24th) and in the 1st grade, and a 20 month old grandson. And being a grandmother is the most wonderful thing in the whole world! I am very fortunate in that all of our family lives within 3 miles of one another so we see each other frequently. We are a very close-knit family and enjoy doing lots of things together. I am also very fortunate in that I get along quite well with my husband's ex-wife and we both interact with her like a sister.


My husband and I love to travel and are very blessed to be able to travel quite frequently. In fact, a lot of the photos I post in the gallery are from our various travels. We both love the Caribbean and go there as often as possible with the hopes of one day retiring there and living part-time on our own sailboat. My avatar is a picture from an island, Jost Van Dyke, in the British Virgin Islands (where we hope to build an island home one day as well). We also love the mountains and try to get away at least once during the winter for a ski holiday.


I love to read (especially murder mysteries or psychological thrillers), crochet, scrap-book, doing jigsaw puzzles and watching movies with my husband.


I am working on getting a recent picture that I can post on my profile page.


Warm wishes to all,


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I have been married for 37 years. Most of those years I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I have spent years in the cosmetology field. Several years working as a lab tech at a local pharmacy. I am now retired and my husband and I built our dream home on an acre of land on a small all sports lake. There are about 20 homes sharing our lake. We spent 2 1/2 years working day and night and our house is exactly how we wanted it. We spend our days sailing or water skiing in the summer. We spend as much time as possible on the tennis courts. Though, I have slowed down a ton this year. Hopefully, I will still have some energy next year. We usually spend our winters in Florida. Playing tennis and playing in the ocean. We have 3 sons. One is a professor at Wright State University in Ohio. One lives in Japan at the moment and is an employee at Toyota Tech Center in Ann Arbor Mi. Our youngest son is starting his own business. Computer web design. We have 4 grandchildren so far. 2 boys, and 2 girls. I enjoy sewing, knitting, cooking, and playing piano and flute in my spare time. I do like a good book every once in a while. My reading time I am usually at the computer visiting and emailing all my new sclero friends. Wow! a small start. I can't believe I found so much to chat about. Sheryl

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Hi there

My name is Barbara, though most of you know me as Barbs. I too live in the UK like Steve, in fact we're close by. He loves football or Soccer and I too watch a little myself, and he'll hate me for saying Wigan Athletic!

Anyway I live on an old farm with my crazy Hubby and 15 year old daughter. We've been married for 17 years. The farm is in a derelect state but has been in the family for over 100 years and we're attempting to renovate the place. So far we've been at it for 4 years and it's been a real trial for us all.

I used to run my own business as a Bookbinder/Print finisher but unfortunately the condition got the better of me and I had to give it up.

I love writing, baking and just life itself. I also love to travel especially Greece! where I seemed to spend the entire summer this year.

I love a good old chat, so if you ever come over to the UK and this goes for everyone, come in and have a cup of tea with me and a good old chinwag.

Best wishes

Barbs or Barbara


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Not sure if I'll be using this forum much, but hopefully I'll post a bit!

I'm 17 years old, i'm from and live in Ireland! I have a twin sister. I'll be 18 two days after Dec 25th! :D

I'm in college at the moment doing Culinary Arts, loving it so far! I love dancing and I'm in the scouts(a leader in the cub scouts now)

i haven't really got much else to tell everyone about me, but I'm sure you's will all find out more through my other posts!

~Louise~ xx

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(I hope I can condense this! :P )

(I don't think I've ever admitted my age here before :unsure: ... Here goes... I'll turn 54 next month) Though my third marriage, hubby is my best friend and people can't believe we've been married 20 years, because we work together, yet get along so well! Since married to him, I've inherited 4 stepchildren, a sister-in-law, A DIL, 5 step grandchildren, 6 "extended" grandchildren, 2 extended great-grand daughters and one great grandson due next month :rolleyes: . I have a married daughter (34) and 13 years ago, she had my granddaughter. I also have a 6 year old grandson and his dad is my son (31). In other words, every monthy has at least one birthday... where our family is concerned :lol: !

Hubby and I live in western MT, where recreational activities are a great summer pasttime for us. From spring until autumn, we usually make 3-4 trips to get a kid/grandkid fix and we usually see them (with us) 3-4 times during the same time frame, which never is enough since we have lived away from them for 6 years.

As you can see, my hubby, kids and grands are very important to me, but we've made some wonderful friends here too.

I also enjoy my time spent here with my Sclero Forum cyber family.

I love to read, play card games, board games, crafts (though I'm more limited) and anything else that might strike my fancy!

I hope to get a photo up sometime!

Hugs, Susie

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Hi everyone. I am a 52 year old female from PA. I work as a Controller/Director of Operations for a remodeling company. I have a BS Degree in Health Management/Recreation but switched careers about 20 years ago to bookkeeping. I was an avid athlete before sclero but had to give that up - hardest thing I have to do. I have taken up horse back riding (let the horse do all the work) and enjoy any type of crafts/quilting/sewing. I have a partner of 24 years who I would never be where I am without. She is a great person and we have a great home with three cats. I would like to thank everyone who posts, no matter how small your post is because I always learn something from everyone. It is also nice to know that I/we are not alone!!!



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Hi, folks. I am a 59 year old writer living in the UK (Scotland) since I married my Scottish husband, Jim in 1997. Before that I lived in California, still the home of my aging parents, a lovely son and daughter and their delightful spouses with 3 lovely grandchildren between them. In the US I was a production manager/engineer in electronics for many years but when I came to the UK I did temp work and finally settled into working as a legal secretary until I had to quit working in May of 2005. I have always been creative and productive, dabbling in countless new experiences, a multi-tasking, card-carrying Gemini. Since I was waylaid by this illness, I find it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time--I get tired just thinking about doing something. Formerly a voracious reader, I find it very difficult to read more than a few pages at a time. A year ago last July 7th, I was watching the breaking news of the London subway bombing when a huge thwack hit the window behind me. I turned to see a huge magpie with spread wings which had just hit the glass head on. Shaken, I went to see what was happening and noticed a tiny shivering bundle on the window ledge. To make a long story short, I rescued what turned out to be a nine-year-old whitefaced cockatiel which had been injured in the chest by the beak of the magpie. I nursed it back to health and he has become a great help to keeping my sanity, something to focus on besides myself.


I am grateful for this forum and looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better.


jefa (aka Carrie)

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