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Two years on ISN forums!

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I can hardly believe that I've been a member of Sclero Forums for two years!! :emoticons-line-dance:


I joined these friendly and helpful forums just after I was diagnosed in July 2009 (having been 'lurking' for a little while previously) and haven't looked back since!! ;)


One of the 'bonuses' of having Scleroderma is that I've got to know some really lovely people; forced my idle brain to work again and learnt to count my blessings reading other members' touching and inspiring stories.


I raise a gin and tonic to everyone here on my second anniversary day......whatever did I do with myself before ISN? ;) :lol:

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:balloons: Balloons and hugs don't seem like enough! Happy anniversary, Jo. I, for one, am really happy you got scleroderma so we could meet. :lol:


I'll raise a gin and tonic to you, but it had better wait a bit. If my hubby catches me hitting the gin at 7 AM, he might worry.





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Hi Jo,


Congratulations on your second anniversary! :emoticon-congratulations:


I am honored to be your friend and you have helped me with medical issues when I was worried and didn't know what to do. You eased my anxieties. :emoticons-thankyou: Thank you my "dear friend" (((HUGS)))



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I'm a little late on the toast but consider my glass raised!!!! It's wonderful working with you and you have become an invaluable member o the ISN team!!!!! Our members are very lucky to have you here to support them through their day to day issues with scleroderma. Great job Jo!

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So very happy you are here with us, after all we really need to stick together :emoticon-congratulations:


Of course, I am biased, as you are my Most Favorite Twin from across the pond :happy-dance:


Just think...Had we not "found" each other HERE on ISN, we would likely have never "met" and discovered that we're Twins :wub:


Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary, "our Jo"!

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