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Ileostomy next week!

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted on here for sometime, but do pop in and read

the posts from time to time.


Next Thursday, I will be having an Ileostomy, hopefully that will resolve

some of my bowel issues. I just got back from seeing the stoma nurse, and

she has marked the site for the stoma.


I wish next week would come sooner, I am getting nervous now, and know I

am in for a horrendous week. I have to take bowel prep. for 2 whole days,

fluids only, before the Ileostomy. I keep telling myself, this will be the

last time, I have to take it.


So goodbye toilet, goodbye nausea/vomiting, good bye cramps, good bye to all of the problems

I have had to endure the last few years.


From next Thursday, hopefully I can get some of my life back, and will look forward.


Thanks for listening.


Summer :emoticon-hug:

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Hi Summer,


Thanks for letting us know about your ileostomy next Thursday.


The preparation for your operation doesn't sound much fun and I'm so sorry. No wonder you're dreading it! :( However, at least you can feel that something is being done to help you and hopefully afterwards you will be so much improved and your quality of life will be better. I know it's very easy for me to say this, bearing in mind that I haven't got to go through the procedure, but I shall be thinking of you, particularly during this next week and hoping that everything goes well.


Do post and let us know how you get on as soon as you feel able, won't you?

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Hi Summer,


Best wishes to you for your surgery - I don't envy you the prep days - they are my greatest nightmare but I do sincerely hope that things are better for you afterwards.


I have been considering an Ostomy and at one stage a couple of years ago even considered coming to OZ to ask about Sacral Nerve Stimulation. I fortunately have discovered a surgeon here in Auckland who is doing SNS now so I am on his list for later this year. If that doesn't work my plan will be to go the ostomy route so I will be keen to hear how you get on.


Best wishes from across the Tasman.


Warm Hugs,



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Hello Summer


I am so glad you are finally going to get relief and be free from toilet bondage! If I could do something similar and wave bye bye to my bladder I jolly well would!


Prep for the last time because freedom here you come!


Take care and keep us updated!

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Hi Summer


I wish you the best of luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery as well. With luck, the prep will be over before you know it too!


I hope once it's all over you find the great relief that everything was worth it for you.


While you await next week, we'll still be here and all ears for you in the meantime too :D


Do post and let us know how you are doing when you can.

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Thank you all so much for all the good wishes, it is much

appreciated. :thank-you:


I am starting to get nervous now, only 5 more days to go :emoticon-insomnia: . I think

waiting is the hardest, so much to think about, I shall be glad when it is over. I start the

bowel prep on Tuesday and again Wednesday, nothing to eat only fluids, so I shall be well and

truly exhausted for Thursday operation.


I shall let you all know how I get on.


Best wishes



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I have to add my well wishes too! I know what you're having done, but I can't fully appreciate what is involved and the recovery and such. I wish you well and most of all I wish you relief. I take mental notes on posts relating to GI issues because that is my main symptom, and I fear the future! Keep us posted on how it goes and your recovery! (I enjoy reading descriptions, so don't be afraid to give your synopsis!)

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I too am sending warm hugs and healing wishes... I know you are nervous, and rightly so it is a big step. I hope with the right amount of recovery time you will be feeling oodles better... Keep a positive outlook and try (operative word) to stay calm.. My thoughts will be with you



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Summer, good luck on your surgery. Please post a few times in the next several months and let us know what happens. Some of us may be looking at having that surgery sometime and it is good to know some of the feelings or emotions of what goes on with people after surgery. Also, know how much better you will be feeling and any pitfalls. I just had my Colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. I had to do the two day cleansing as the doctor was looking closely for what was going on. Colitis, Diverticulosis and other issues with the Esophagus and Stomach. I found jello and beef and chicken broth in a can with the flavors of vegetables filled me the most and had the best taste. Just a bullion cube in hot water wasn't tasty. I made a pot of chicken soup a few days before and made sure I had plenty of extra broth to set aside so I could also have all the delicious flavors I like so I wouldn't feel like I was starving. G2 (Gatorade) has electrolytes in it so that will keep you from feeling weak or dizzy. Use only the Yellow or Lemon-lime flavor during this time period. I will also be thinking about you. Just a speck of news Venus Williams a great tennis player now has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. She has been diagnosed with Sjorgrens.

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