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Exciting Sclero Team Transitions

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We have made some very exciting changes in a few key ISN positions. All of the following changes take effect immediately.


First off, Amanda Thorpe, who is ISN Assistant Forums Manager, is now also a new ISN Video Presenter. You have hopefully already seen her just-released video on Scleroderma Heart Involvement, but if not, you will surely want to make a point to do so soon. Amanda was inspired by the videos done by my precious granddaughter, Isabella. If you haven’t seen Isabella's videos yet be sure to take a peak, too. They are listed on our home page, http://www.sclero.org/ . Amanda is already at work on new videos in her series, which will be a wonderful stepping stone in bringing our ISN website to life.


Next, Janey Willis has just retired as ISN News Director, after many years of fabulous service in this vital role. Janey is reducing her ISN responsibilities because her own educational consulting business is bursting at the seams with new projects and clients. She will be remaining on as ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist – the very same role which she started with us, in 2005.


Janey’s opening was immediately filled by ISN Sclero Forums Director, Jeannie McClelland. Janey left with over a month of news already prepared by her team (which included Jeannie as a News Guide). Jeannie has seen first-hand how helpful it is for patients and doctors to have immediate, fast access to timely and well-organized scleroderma medical information.


That left Jeannie’s role open, and I’m delighted to report that her role has been filled by Jo Frowde, new ISN Sclero Forums Manager. Jo was promoted to ISN Assistant Forums Manager just a few months ago. We owe great thanks to Amanda for not only recruiting Jo to the ISN in the first place but for also recommending Jo very highly for the Forums Manager position.


All of these changes leave some opportunities open for assistant news guides and even support specialists and other roles. If you are ever interested in training/transitioning to other ISN roles, or if you think of someone who might make a good volunteer in some role, please email me or fill out an ISN Volunteer Application and we’ll see what we can do.


My thanks to each and every one of you for making the ISN and sclero.org such a delightful place to gather, to work, and to share stellar scleroderma information with the world. Every single one of you are vital to our outreach and each of you make sclero.org a truly fun, delightful and useful place to gather together the whole world of scleroderma.


Now it's time for a huge round of applause and a great big Sclero Happy Dance!




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Congratulations to Jeannie for taking on the role of ISN News Director! You are going to do a FANTASTIC job, because that's the way you do things!


Congratulations to Jo for taking on the role of ISN Forum Manager! Do you always jump into things head first? :) You're like a sponge and because of that - we all know that you will do an AWESOME job!


Congratulations to Amanda for become the face of ISN or more appropriately titled the "ISN video presenter". After seeing your video on cardiac involvement, this is a PERFECT position for you.


My sincere thanks to ALL of you for easing my pain of having to step back from my duties at ISN (which I loved doing!) by jumping in there and - so enthusiastically - taking on new tasks and roles. My hats got off to all of you! You are a SPECIAL and UNBELIEVABLE group of people!


Of course we all do what we do for ISN because of our INCREDIBLE leader - Shelley!


I've now run out of words to describe all of you! Thanks, thanks, and more thanks!!!!

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We are SO fortunate :emoticons-thankyou:


Thank you SO MUCH, Amanda, for your dedication and hard work :emoticon-hug:


Janey, you have been so wonderful, doing what you have done, these many years. I thank you so much for everything you have done (for us, the forum) and wish you the very best, as you cut back here, yet still contriute as you will. May your endeavor be everything you hope it to be, as you move forward :thank-you-2:


Jeannie, :you-rock: TOTALLY! You are so awesome for stepping in/up to help make this forum as special as it is; a place where folks can feel comfortable enough to share their health issues and work to become their own advocates. It's a wonderful thing! :jump-for-joy:


Jo, there seems to be no limit to your abilities and we ALL are SO grateful for your time spent here on the forums :emoticons-group-hug:

You have been so loyal to the ISN Forums and please know how much we acknowledge what you have done and very much appreciate you and your contributions.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of you, as well as my compadres who volunteer here; ALL of you are very special to me (that includes YOU, Shelley,as well as the rest of you behind the scenes) :bravo:

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I think that it's having such a fantastic team of hard working people that makes these forums such a pleasure to be around!! I can't begin to express my gratitude for the help and friendship shown to me by everyone! :thank-you-2:


Indeed, Janey; the head-first human sponge, that's me!! :emoticons-yes: :lol:

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I just want to add that I think we have the most fantastic Sclero team!


I am always amazed by how smoothly our team transitions come about and fall into place. One of the reasons for this are the tremendously great attitudes displayed by everyone. Another reason is that so many of our leaders are fantastic at training.


They train themselves, they create tutorials, they train their team -- and then they volunteer in other areas and continue the process all over again. We thus end up with lots of people cross-trained for many positions, with a back-up force always at hand.


To top that off, they all enjoy working with each other, admire and appreciate the work of all their team members. They are great at identifying their own skills, asking for more projects to tackle, and eager to help in every way to expand the support and knowledge available to patients, caregivers and medical professionals for scleroderma and related illnesses.


I stand in awe of the incredible leadership and friendship that Janey has given us over the years. I am overjoyed that her health has improved to the point where she is able to take on more clients and projects, and thrilled that she will still be around to help us in many ways.


I marvel at the way Jeannie immediately volunteered to take on Janey's role and how she began training more for it the very same day! As if that wasn't enough, Amanda took the lead in writing and filming a few more videos for us at the same time, and suggested Jo, her co-assistant-admin as the next Forums Manager. Within minutes, Jo leaped at the opportunity and hankered for more training!


Altogether, with the space of literally a few days, all the major transitions fell into place, with everyone (including Janey!) absolutely thrilled with their new opportunities.


I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each and every ISN volunteer and forum member, past and present. You are the most special people ever and so very dear to my heart!


If you are an existing volunteer who is eager to take on an additional or new challenge within the ISN, or if there's someone you want to suggest to us as a possible team member, we are all ears.


It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes the whole world working together to tackle scleroderma!

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Hi All,


Sorry for the late congratulations! But congratulations to all the new postees! And best of luck to Janey with her ventures! I would like to help out more if possible. I have loads of IT experience and would be willing to help in any way that I can. Just let me know.




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