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Zumba Dancing (or how I can make a complete idiot of myself without really trying!)

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Hi All,


There's current craze in the UK for Zumba Dancing (I'm not sure if it's so popular in the US at the moment ? ) It's used as a form of aerobic exercise and basically consists of doing a series of quite complicated dance movements to very upbeat music with a class of other gluttons for punishment people. I quite fancied it as an alternative form of exercise which is good fun and appeals to someone like me who is usually 'first on - last off' the dance floor at a party. ;) Unfortunately I am one of the most unco-ordinated beings on the planet and it does require quite a bit of co-ordination to get the steps right, or in my case, to have any hope at all of keeping up with the rest of the class!! :lol:


I downloaded a video showing some of the steps and movements and was slightly staggered to find that the choreography on the video resembled the dance sequences from "West Side Story"!! Fortunately the class I joined was much easier than that but you've never seen anyone so left behind with the steps as me!! It would be laughable if it wasn't so embarrassing!! :rolleyes: :blush: I was down when everyone else was up; I somehow ended up facing the opposite way to the rest of the class and at one point I missed out an entire sequence in order to keep up. :rolleyes: Because the music is very quick and fast the steps change frequently, so as I'm thinking "Oh good, I've just got the hang of that" I find that we're on the next sequence and the instructor's doing something totally different again. :emoticon-dont-know:


It is really good fun though and the instructor and other people in the class are very nice and friendly, so I do have a good time and enjoy it. I feel that if I stick at it long enough I must get the hang of it sooner or later! ;)


Has anyone else tried it? I recommend it as an uplifting experience for anyone who feels a little in the doldrums as the music is very happy and has a strong beat. It's just a pity I'm not better at doing it!! ;) :lol:

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Jo, could we get you Zumba dancing on video so that we could all get our spirits lifted? :emoticons-yes:


Maybe the laughter at your expense, but then, what are good friends for if not for a good belly laugh, eh? :happy-day:


Seriously though, thanks for sharing a fun idea for lifting spirits and exercising, all at once.

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Hi Jo,


Not sure what happened, I made a comment on Zumba, but it disappeared. :(


I commend you for taking this up. Before Kendel went off to college this fall, she was trying to pursued me to joining her amongst other young skinny 19 and 20 year olds. I don't think so; I am also uncoordinated, but I do love the Latin music, it's upbeat and peppy.


Enjoy and have fun! Take care and (((hugs)))



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Well, I did the class again this morning and I have to say that although I still don't really have a clue what I'm doing, it's really good fun and very enjoyable!! :)


Today the instructor had an assistant and I noticed that they both had these rather natty trousers with 'Zumba' on them and very fetching tassels on the pockets. I enquired about the purpose of the tassels and was told that they were there to show when the 'wiggling' movements were being performed correctly?! Curiouser and curiouser? :emoticon-dont-know: I decided that I simply must get myself the correct outfit, if only to look the part, even though I'm useless at it!! ;) :lol:


Thanks for the compliment, Amanda; I consider myself to have been very lucky! :VeryHappy:

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Hi Jo, Shelley, Annie and Amanda! Well, JO.... the more I find out (about my Very Favorite Twin), the more I feel quite sure we really ARE related!!! :wub:

...except for the exceptional horse-riding abilities, of which you have and I have none! :emoticon-dont-know: HowEVER, I'm just SURE you and I would be able to get those pocket tassels moving SOMEHOW!!! Of course, that means you and I would actually have "matching outfits",, for the first time! :emoticons-line-dance: One-two-one-two!!!

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Just to prove that at last I seem to have more or less got the hang of it, I posted some photos in the album. They were taken at a Jubilee Celebration outside (thank goodness it wasn't raining!)


(Note the concentration on my face!! ;))

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