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Dear Sweet,


There are several medications for PH. Right before my transplant I was diagnosed with it through right heart catherization and echo and applied to be started on Letaris ( the LEAP program) but the transplant prevented the introduction of any new drugs with the anti-rejection ones. I was very concerned about the drug when I researched it so was happy about that.


A right heart catherization, done by a person who KNOWS WHAT NUMBERS TO GET FOR SCLERODERMA, is the gold standard for diagnosis. My specialists said the two heart catherizations I had that were done by cardiologists locally did not give them the numbers they needed. If I need to have another one I will have it at my scleroderma center. And remember, if they do a heart catherization and they are only checking pressures and not looking for blockages they should NOT USE DYE. It can kill the kidneys.


Best wishes and keep us posted.



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