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Here are some tips for troubleshooting problems:-

Problems posting photographs.

When trying to upload photos to the photo gallery, you should get the photo page with an upload button on the right of the screen. Choose your album, click on that button and the page should come up correctly. Should that page come up without the upload button showing on the right, then it means that the Internet Explorer browser is in compatibility mode, and it will be necessary to to click the button that looks like a page torn in half next to the address bar and set it so that it is NOT depressed. Refresh the page and it should show the correct format.

Message tool bar and emoticons not coming up in the reply box.

This seems to be a problem with AOL, Google Chrome and also with Safari for Apple users. Close that browser and open either Internet Exployer or Mozilla Firefox and the message bar and emoticons should appear! Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for the complete use of the forum.

Should anyone have any more problems they should contact us at mailto:[email protected] and we'll do our best to help sort it out.

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