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Oh what should I do about gum infection and tooth removal?

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I have been referred to the Eastman Dental Clinic as I have Sjogrens and the dry mouth/small mouth/gum abscesses/possible tooth removal associated with Scleroderma.


The Eastman staff were helpful about saliva substitutes but so far have not made any suggestions about possible tooth removal and the chewing/eating problems which will be associated with the gaps. I am due to go back in four months but highly likely will have extraction or possibly two extractions in the meantime. I understand that abscesses and associated loosening and resorption of the bony tooth roots are all part and parcel of Scleroderma mouth problems. Oh joy!


My own dentist has given me an open prescription for anti-biotics so that I may have a supply to begin treatment at the first sign of an abscess but it feels like very slow progress is being made. Obviously I don't want to lose any teeth if possible, but this looks likely.


Does anyone else have similar mouth problems?


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Hello Suze


I don't have these problems but know of many people who do and no doubt they'll join in. At least you have good dental care at hand though.


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Hello Suze,

I have lots of crowns and bridges and two implants. As well I have a sizeable gap on one side, but with the implants on the other side I have no problems chewing.


What I did learn through this process is not to wait too long between extraction and implant if you are going to have that procedure. Apparently after extraction the bone starts to shrink and becomes too small to support an implant. So that's one reason I have a gap, along with a fairly fragile tooth above the gap which wouldn't cope with another tooth underneath it. The other reason is cost of course - but if it was viable I am sure I would have found the money!!


I used to have a partial plate in my gap but as the Sjogrens got more active that became impossible too.


In your case I understand that the small mouth thing will make a difference too - I have been lucky in that area - just not so lucky with my internal organs.


Best of luck

Warm Hugs



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