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Hi everyone .... I have a fairly new diagnosis of scleroderma (January) and I am considered in the diffuse category. I have done quite alot of reading.....but I have never seen a list of day to day kind of "problems" that people go through. I know the big ones....but what I was wondering about are the little ones like itching, or foggy brain or light sensitivity (if those apply?).


My son has Arnold Chiari Malformation and on one of their sites they had a list of symptoms like that with the most complained about at the top and then down the list with the rarest at the bottom. It was so helpful to see that some of these little nuisances were also part of the symptoms that other people experienced. Is there some list like that for scleroderma patients? Just wondering!



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Hi Laurie:

Welcome. Since being diagnosed, I research daily trying to find out as much information about this disease that I can. I have many binders that I have put together over the past several years. Here are a list of websites you can research for various symptoms:


I hope all goes well for you. And if you ever need anyone to talk to, just hit me up. Email me anytime.

Take care of yourself and stay warm.

Michelle C. Hunter

ISN Book P.R. Coordinator for the U.S.

International Scleroderma Network

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