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If you are new to the ISN and are like I was, you have probably come to the forums first, a wonderful place to be. :wub:


Here you get support and learn about others personal experiences as they travel the journey of scleroderma. Amazing! You can ask a question and BOOM!!! People chime in almost immediately. And you get answers and find you are not alone. :happy-day:


Believe it or not, many others before you have experienced what you are going through or have questions about. It may have been years ago. You can find these posts by going to the search bar on the right top side of your screen. Enter your query. Then, you have a choice of searching "forums" or you can open a window by clicking on that word and search other areas. Like magic, many links relating to your search will come up. Open the link and you will and you can find out more by reading previous posts than what members are currently responding. You may find some more information there.




Besides the forums there is a wealth of medical information available, thousands of pages, incredible! You will find the Medical tab at the very top of the page. When you open it up it brings you to the pages that include accurate information about EVERYTHING (really)! There is a search bar there. Again, enter your query. You will see you can search many areas of the site: All, Medical, Personal Stories etc. Then open and read what pertains to you. A search may yield you hundreds of links in less than a second. REALLY AMAZING!!! :terrific:


I am hoping this helps and for those of you lurking out there, come and join in!



ISN Artist

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Miocean you're just being clever now, what with this and instructions on how to change view from PC to mobile! Seriously, your instructions are clear and easy to follow, I was one of those people bumbling around the forums and could have done with this sort of thing myself way back then.


Take care.

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I am still bumbling. ^_^


Additional Information About Searching -


Advanced Search:


To the right of the search bar is a gear. If you click on it you will open a window with specific information to enter to refine your search. The more you enter, the more you can refine your search.


For instance, I entered my screen name under "Find Author" and 7 pages of my posts came up but they did not go all the way back to when I joined, only to 2010.


I added "renal failure" under "Find Words" and received links to posts in 2009.


I then searched under my screen name in "Find Author" and put in "Dates" from January 1, 2006 to present and posts from back then came up.


Searching this way is not only a great way to get information but provides you access to your medical issues! So often we forget the what and when and it may be right here.


So now you can see how really :terrific: this site is. Give it a try.


:thank-you: to all who work so hard to maintain the ISN for all of us.



ISN Artist

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