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Amanda Thorpe

Now my identical twin had SVT or was it atrial fibrillation?

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Hello All


So I just found out that 2 weeks ago (!!) my identical twin was rushed to hospital with a heart rate of 200 bpm, the paramedic said it was SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) but the doctor in A&E said it was atrial fibrillation but as it stopped on its own she was allowed to go home. Her blood pressure was something ridiculous like 200/150 as well, the good news about that is she is going to ask for Amlodopine if medication is required and I just know her headaches will disappear as a result like mine did.


I'd like to point out that she waited 3 hours before telephoning an ambulance, I waited 10 minutes, my sister said I called earlier than her because I was already in heart failure at the time but the truth is I called earlier because I wanted to go back to bed and figured I would once it was over!


She's supposed to have a holter monitor test soon but that's not enough for me I'm afraid, I had one and it told me nothing other than what I already knew, I was having palpitations. DOH!


Let's remember I am her sister and I have systemic scleroderma resulting in myocardial fibrosis, resulting in heart failure resulting in a bi ventricular implantable cardioverter defibrillator but I'm still in heart failure, oh yes and let's not forget Ma's dead artery in her heart. So I spoke to my brother in law and said an ECHO is needed now to get a full picture so he's onto that. Fixed my sister's wagon for sure! Oh and I said I want a copy of the ECHO results as I intend to have hours of fun googling the results, well I have exhausted myself as a google search you know so it's only fair I move onto another family member.


Now I think what's really going on is a case of twin rivalry, my sister is just trying to outdo me in the sickie stakes. I must point out that when I had SVT my heart rate went up to 230, so there. Mind you if it was atrial fibrillation in my sister's case I do know that can have more serious consequences than SVT. See, rivalry for sure! I have a rare, incurable disease and she's just trying to outdo me. What a family to be part of! More like the walking wounded! :lol:


Anyone else with tales of atrial fibrillation or SVT or a twin trying to steal your limelight? :lol:


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Hi Amanda,

Talk aboout setting goals!! I am not sure that one is acceptable even on this forum :o !!


Yes I have experienced both SVT and Atrial Fibrillation and neither of them are nice to know - I will never accept them as travelling companions again.


OK so the doctor. says SVT's are nothing to worry about but she hasn't tried living with them for days on end, they are worse than a whining dog living next door.

I take yet another capsule to keep them under control.


As for sibling rivalry, my little sis outdid my rare incurable disease by contracting more incurable one and I don't really think that is the object of the exercise.


My dear sister (not my twin but born on the night I turned 8) once said to me that she would hate to take as many pills as me. Sadly, she is no longer with us. I miss her very much, and I happily still take my handfuls of pills every day.


Like you I only waited about 10 minutes before insisting Ian drive me to A & E with a heart rate of over 140 BPM because it was 2am and like you I wanted to get back to sleep. Not really a goal to strive for, but it was pleasing to get an instant response from the triage nurse, almost makes you feel like royalty.


Enough of this silliness.


Love and warm hugs from the upside down side of the world where everything is back to front from where you are - almost like Alice in Wonderland.



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Oh, Amanda!


You do have a time of it in your family!! Your poor sister; I expect she's feeling very miffed in that whatever she has healthwise you're one step ahead of her! :lol: How can she compete with that? ;) :lol:


Seriously though, I do hope her ECHO results are okay, her blood pressure has been stablised and that she soon feels much better.


Best wishes to you both,

Jo Frowde

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