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Well, Amanda now you have. I take Domperidone twice a day every day and wouldn't be without it. I don't use it as a laxative but as an emetic. It settles my gastritis and stops the sudden vomiting. Once 2 or 3 years ago I ran out of it and thought it didn't really make much difference, and I hadn't had a vomiting episode for ages anyway.


We went away on a Car Club weekend in the backblocks, and guess who was in real strife by Sunday morning. It was a long weekend and we were so far from civilisation that even if there had been a Pharmacy it wouldn't have been open. Since then I have been VERY careful to make sure I have enough on hand at all times.




I have similar problems to yours and I can sympathise. My sphincters are next to useless and over the years I have had surgical repairs but now I am in the throes of having an SNS. That is a Sacral Nerve Stimulator. I have had the sensor implanted at the base of my spine and I was testing it with a temporary controller when I fell ill with a small bowel blockage. That was in early February and after most of a month in hospital and almost 2 months home I now have an appointment to talk about when the permanent controller is to be installed. That is just an overnight in hospital then a couple of weeks healing and then we shall see if there is any improvement.


What I have been told is that most people to have some improvement and some people have a great improvement so I am hoping.


In the meantime for the past couple of years I have been using a stool bulking agent. It is in powder form and is stirred into a 200ml glass of fluid. It tastes fine and I find it makes a huge difference. When I was on Nil per Mouth in hospital I couldn't have it of course and actually didn't notice until I was allowed to eat again, then I knew all about it!!!!


I wouldn't take Imodium regularly, I suspect it is not particularly good for you long term. Not only that, when I did take it once or twice it just made me throw up.


Don't give up, have you talked to a Colorectal Specialist. You would find them to be very helpful and quite used to these sorts of problems. I was sent to a Uro-genital Physiotherapist - the sort who comes after childbirth - and her advice has been very informative and useful.


Best wishes


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