Gastroparesis and Scleroderma

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Hi Jalee here! I was just diagnosed with Gastroparesis on 12/06/11. I was diagnosed via the Gastric Emptying Study.. You eat scrambled eggs with a radioactive tracer and then they use a machine that looks similar to a CT scanner to follow the eggs as it goes through your stomach.. After 4hrs if you have 10% or more food contents left in your stomach the diagnosis of gastroparesis is given (of course ruling out other things first); usually this test is only performed once the other things are ruled out!


Anyways I had read that gastroparesis can occur in those with scleroderma and I was wondering if anybody else has this diagnosis and if they do what do your doctors say about it and does it complicate other issues even further..?


If you develop gastroparesis from scleroderma is that meaning or suggesting that there is internal involvement.. or is it considered the same as it would be to have esophageal involvement but still be considered the limited form?


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Hello Jalee


Have a read of the information we have on gastroparesis my understanding is that it usually only occurs in systemic forms of scleroderma as opposed to the localised forms and is no indicator of whether heart, lung or kidney involvement will or will not occur. However, about 25% of people with localised scleroderma experience symptoms outside of skin involvement but this does not mean they are developing the systemic form of the disease.


Although I now have gastrointestinal involvement it's mild and I confess that I don't pay it much mind but I'm sure I should since having lost my appetite around July and now mainly have supplement drinks. I am not a good advert for acting quickly on symptoms for sure. Yeah, according to our site in reference to gastrointestinal symptoms "All should be taken seriously and discussed with your doctor". Hmm maybe I'll ring the specialist nurses at the Royal Free next week...


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Hi Jalee,


Sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Thankfully, I haven't had that complication, although I do have Limited Systemic Scleroderma (at present my internal involvement has been my lungs.) I've found an interesting link for you regarding Biomarkers for GI involvement in Systemic Scleroderma which I hope you'll find informative.


We have other members who've experienced Gastrointestinal involvement and I expect they will be able to give you more first hand advice.


Kind regards,

Jo Frowde

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