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Pain relief medications

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I have tried many of common pain medications, some of the anti-depressants like Amitriptyline, restricted pain medication, etc without any success so far..


My Neurologist suggested me to take a list of about 8 possible medications to my Pain Management doctor. They are mostly anti-epileptic (and non-narcotic) medications that are sometimes used off-label for pain. If you have used this type/class of medications for pain, can you please PM me about your experience with it?


{Moderator Note: We have to be very careful in any discussion of pain medication (per forum guidelines). Kamlesh is not inquiring -- at all -- about addictive or opiate medications, but rather the anti-epileptic class of drugs that are sometimes used off-label for treatment of pain. Please remember to send him a PM (private message) about this topic. Thank you!}

Kind regards,





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