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I have never had good dietary habits, a yo-yo dieter and compulsive over eater. I've been on every diet except ones where you purchased food and the bottom line is I could only maintain my goal weight through dieting and hours of exercise a week.


Or getting sick. :sick2: Years ago I had a extopic pregnancy and dropped to lower than I had been in 7th grade and then proceed to gain 70 pounds over 7 years. Knowing what I know now I became exercise bulimic and dropped 60 pounds in a relatively short time. Maintained for a while with diet and exercise, gained and lost, maintained for a while by running 3-5 miles several times a week and going for counseling for compulsive overeating. Little by little gained until I was 30 pounds up again. :emoticon-bang-head:

Had my scleroderma crisis and after a month in the hospital lost 30 pounds. Over the 5 1/2 years on dialysis gained the 30 pounds. Started losing weight, 20 pounds, right before my transplant 21 months ago and was reprimanded by my medical team for losing. I had the transplant and immediately dropped another 10 pounds. :happy-day:

Now I have gained it all back. :temper-tantrum: Sound familiar to anyone? :bye: As a matter of fact, when I was explaining how to search the ISN, one of the first posts I was able to go back to was about my weight.


The dialysis diet is not the best when it comes to nutrition: high amounts of protein, no potassium, or phosphorus. That means white bread and very little vegetables or whole grains or beans, little fruit because of the water content. No dairy. So for years my diet has been skewed.


With the transplant came new medications and supplements to counter the effects of the medicines. I was taking 27 pills a day, half of them supplements. My labs show I am still low in magnesium and iron so a month ago I stopped the supplements. My next labs were the same so the supplements weren't doing anything except creating havoc with my body. And costing a lot for over the counter products


I decided to seek nutritional counseling and got a script and went today. I received some help but I also corrected the nutritionist on some things I know to be false. (I also threw up after taking my meds, carry plastic bags just for that purpose, boy, that was embarrassing). :o There is no follow up. And my medical insurance will be paying for this.


I could easily have searched for foods high in what I need and made some changes to my diet. My biggest problem is sugar, I admit I am an addict. I stopped sugar three weeks ago and was doing well and then went to the most wonderful bakery in the world! One bite and I was hooked. I have gotten myself off of it again and have lost 6 pounds in a little over 3 weeks. I also used sugar substitutes, which I have eliminated, and I have cut way back on my diet soda (also an admitted addiction).


Although the weight is an issue health wise, it is also an emotional issue for me. My main goal is to get as healthy as I can because I need all the physical strength I can muster to live with this disease and to keep my kidney.


:emoticons-group-hug: for reading, I know it's long.



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