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Surgery #1 out of the way (Cervical Stenosis)

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Jeannie, have you had your post-op check-up yet? I'm eager to hear how it went -- and whether you are any taller as a result of the surgery?


If you are taller,I'm tempted to sign up for the same surgery, just for the height adjustment alone. :emoticon-dont-know:


Seriously though, you deserve some more, very gentle, get well hugs.



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Hey, I am glad to hear it all went well. Sometimes you wish you could just plug in a whole new body, but it is amazing what they can do to upgrade the old one these days. Big hugs to you (the virtual ones are never painful, of course).

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Hi there! I also had cervical spine surgery for stenosis (fusion and fixation with metal rods and screws C4-C7), but the posterior way. It was on Oct. 24, 2011. What pain!! The neurosurgeon warned me that going through the posterior way would be more painful, he didn't want to do mine anterior because of my swallowing problems from the SD. I'm still weaning out of the brace and just started PT yesterday.


It certainly is a long road of recovery.


All the best to you.




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Good luck with your therapy JBG. I hope you can get back to routine activities quickly now. I didn't realize the recovery was so long. We are use to plugging along but enough is enough.


Jeannie, I am happy to hear that your surgery went well and you were treated like Royalty. It makes it easier to cope and deal with the pain when the staff are on top of things and really helpful.

May you recover quickly.


Both of you recover quickly and without excess pain. Soft hugs.

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