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Signing In And Out Of Sites

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What is your practice when you use a site, like ISN, that requires a log in?


Being lazy, I tend to keep myself logged in. I have a password protected, locked connection to the internet and only my husband and I use the computers. However, there are times when I use an open wi-fi connection in other locations. What about banking or bill paying on an open wi-fi network?


Do you change your password for different sites?


I have a password protected password storage system in case I forget which is which and somewhere I have a hard copy. It seems like every site has you register now and sign in.


Just wondering what is the safest way to go... :thank-you-2:



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I don't have the answer, in fact I just bought a simple address book to put my passwords in because they're all on my computer. And I think I'm fairly well versed in tech stuff. Sigh. I'm a Luddite at heart just going back to pencil and paper.

Warm hugs all.

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